New iPhone Xs DROP Test I was wrong

New iPhone Xs DROP Test I was wrong

New iPhone Xs DROP Test I was wrong Apple has claimed once again that they have the most durable glass ever on a smartphone. Today we’re going to put that to the test. My theory is that glass is glass, and glasses still going to break. Huge thanks to LastPass for sponsoring this drop test and making this video possible. Switching phones is a hassle.

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Huge thanks once again to LastPass for makingthis drop test possible. Let’s get started. [Intro] So today we’re going to be drop testing 2of Apple’s brand new iPhone Xs’s. Apple said they raised the bar with iPhoneglass yet again, and we’re going to find out how durable it is when dropped completelynaked.

One phone will be without a case, and thesecond phone will be covered in Amazon Prime’s absolute cheapest case you can buy. It’s $5. And we’ll see how long each of the phoneslast with simple drop tests, with starting from the knee, then waist, then chest. And we’ll see what happens when they dropfrom your ear down to the ground. I will be giving away the least broken ofthese 2 phones – spoiler,

probably the one in the case – on my Instagram. I’ll leave that link right here. Okay, so I’ll be dropping the phones fromright there out of the cab of my truck. And to record the phones dropping in slowmotion, I have the iPhone Xs Max that I used for my durability test and teardown. And also recording in slow motion, we havethe Pocophone F1, which I also did a durability test and teardown.

So hopefully they can catch the drops andall of the slow motion glorious detail that we need. So protecting one of the phones is this caseright here, which is the cheapest case on Amazon Prime. It’s clear and has a soft rubber around theedges, and a little harder plastic on the back. It should do a pretty good job. Okay, the first drop test we’ll be doing theiPhone Xs in a case. And we’ll simulate as if you were sittingdown and then standing up and forgetting that your

phone was on your lap and it’s slidingoff your leg and hitting the ground. The phone is on my leg, right about knee height. Standing up. [Sad Music playing] And now let’s do a the other iPhone that’sunprotected. It’s on my knee. I’m going to stand up. [Sad Music playing] Alright, looking all around the edge of thephone, there is no damage, surprisingly not even any scuffs along the gold side. It looks like right there along the tip ofit we have one little scuff on the corner,

which isn’t too bad. And, of course, the iPhone inside of the caseis probably just fine. No cracks along the back glass yet. Everything appears to be working just fine. Let’s drop it from a little higher up. This time we’ll be dropping it from waisthigh. We’ll start with the unprotected phone andthen finish off with the protected phone…Amazon’s cheapest case. Pulling it out of my pocket and then droppingit.

[Music playing] Alright. So far no damage on the back glass. There are a few minor little scuffs and dingsalong the sides, but that’s not too big of a deal. And then pulling the $5 case out of my pocketand letting it drop. [Music playing] And it looks like once again everything isstill in one piece. Nothing is cracked or broken anywhere yet. And obviously there are no dings around theedge on the stainless steel with the one that’s inside of a case. So that’s good.

Okay, we’ll try waist high once more timebecause I feel like that’s the most common drop that’s going to happen with people…youknow, pulling it out of their pocket, or having it fall off of a table, and most tables areabout waist high. Naked phone first. Pulling it out of my pocket. [Music playing] Still no damage done to the display or theback glass surprisingly. And the protected phone –

the one insidethe case. [Music playing] Every time I hear the glass backed iPhoneXs hit the ground, I cringe a little bit. But whenever the one inside of the case hitsthe ground, I feel like, oh, everything’s fine. Both phones are still working 100%. And there is no damage done on the back glassat all yet. Just a few little scuffs on the gold iPhoneXs. So this time around I’m going to be holdingit up to my ear and letting it slip out of my fingers and hitting the asphalt. So we’ll just be talking on the phone. Oh, that could be a bad one. [Music playing] No way! The back glass is still totally fine all theway around the edges. Okay.

I’m a little bit impressed. Let’s do the one inside the case. Talking on the phone and letting it slip. [Music playing] So taking a look. Even now there is still no crackage on theback glass. This is actually pretty impressive. Let’s take off the case. Yeah, still no damage done. I’m impressed. Let’s do that one more time. Okay, the unprotected cellphone is in my hand- the gold version. We’re going to go ahead and talk one moretime and drop it. Oh shoot. [Bagpipe Music playing] Still nothing. New iPhone Xs DROP Test I was wrong

What?! That is impressive. No cracks at all. I remember when I did this with the normaliPhone X – with the very first drop we had a crack up here by the camera lens. Now, literally nothing. One more time with Amazon Prime’s cheapestcase. No damage along the edges. And no damage on the back glass, or the front. Everything is still working as it was whenit came out of the box. Alright, so I’m going to drop it 2 more times,and if the iPhone doesn’t break,

I’m going to give away both of them on Instagram insteadof just one. I honestly thought that they would break bynow. Okay, talking one more time. Remember, this is a realistic drop test, asif I’m talking to you on the phone and it’s slipping. [Music playing] It scares me every time. Still nothing. I am completely impressed. And the case version dropping from the ear. [Music playing] Yeah, the iPhone is still functioning 100%. No damage to the back glass.

Okay, last time. Okay, last time. If it survives this last drop from my ear,Apple wins the drop test and I take back…I don’t take back everything I said. Let’s give this a shot. Unprotected iPhone. Up to my ear. Dropping. [Music playing] Right on the corner. We’ll drop test the one in the case reallyquick before we pick that up. Up to my ear. Dropping. [Music playing] I just feel so much more secure when the oneinside the case drops. No way! It’s still alive. That is royally impressive.

Both of the phones are fully functional withzero damage. Okay, fine. Both phones survived. The back glass did not break. I was proven wrong a little bit. Is having a case a bad thing? No, it’s not. Should you have a case? Probably yes, because what I did here is notindicative of every single drop situation that can happen.

I’ve heard of people complaining that theirphone dropped off a desk and cracked…fell in the parking lot and cracked. Now it makes me want to take a Samsung phoneand drop it from head height 3 times and see if it can survive. Because in my mind, glass should break fromhead height. Not really sure what to do with my life rightnow. Am I going to switch to iPhone? Probably not. New iPhone Xs DROP Test I was wrong

I’m still kind of annoyed that these backglass pieces cost $500 to replace. Because even though it survived 3 drops inmy particular test right here, doesn’t mean that it’s absolutely invincible. And glass will break eventually. Either way, as of right now, I am super superimpressed with the iPhone Xs. When I drop tested the iPhone X,

it broke on the first and second drops. So, Apple might have done something new this year…who knows. Over on my Instagram, I will be giving away both of these phones. Right here is my Instagram handle. Go check it out. I’ll have all the instructions over there. And I will be giving away an Xs Max on my Twitter-like I promised in my durability test video. Thanks a ton for watching. Multiple drops from head height with no damage is very impressive. Apple is still probably not my favorite, but they definitely won this round. Thanks a ton for watching and I’ll see you around.

New iPhone Xs DROP Test I was wrong

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