iPhone 12 mini Review

iPhone 12 mini Review

iPhone 12 mini Review Hi everyone Aaron here for Zollotech and this is the iPhone 12 mini I have three iPhone 12 minis here I have one in black one in green and one in blue and so I wanted to help you decide if you should pick one of these up this year and the first thing   many people ask me is how big is it or what can I compare it with so let me move two of these  

out of the way and show you a size comparison we’ll start with an older phone the iphone 4s   and the iphone 5s next to it to give you a general size idea then we’ll bring in the iphone 7.   so if you have an iphone 6 7 or 8 those are all basically the same size and then an iphone 10r   an iphone 12 and an iphone 12 pro max so this gives you a general idea of their size overall   it’s smaller than a seven it’s about the same thickness as a seven and here’s a 6s plus   also if that helps with

size overall comparing the different ones so this should give you a general   idea of their overall size but it’s somewhere between the 5s and the 6 7 and 8. they’re very   similar in size and if i put them face to face so you can see the actual size difference here   that gives you an idea of size so the mini is very mini and let me put it face to face with the 5s   so you’ll see it’s really in between the 5s and the 6 7 and 8

like i said so it’s got a nice size   screen and keep in mind the 7 is the same size as the second generation se also so that gives   you a general idea of what its size is overall now let me move these out of the way and the overall   design of the phone is pretty standard this year on the right hand side we have our power sleep   wake button we have our millimeter wave antenna in the united states for 5g on the bottom we have our   microphone speaker and lightning port on the left hand side you’ve got your silent switch at the top   your volume buttons

and then you’ve got your sim card tray now this sim card tray this year is 5g   but it’s 5g and an esim you cannot use them concurrently at least currently many people   say this is a hardware limitation others are hoping for a software fix later on but you can   use one or the other in 5g but not both at the same time for whatever reason now also   you’ve got glass front and back so you can see it collects a lot of fingerprints

just from me   handling the phones during this video already it’s got this many fingerprints on it so i would   definitely maybe get a case from apple something like this which looks really good this is the   the sort of tan leather color we’ll put this on the black and it looks great so it goes   goes along really well with this particular iphone and i think for most people even with a case this  

is super small you can see it in my hands my hands are huge and next to a 12 pro max like i said it’s   very different in size and it may be the perfect size for people this year it’s easy to hang on to   you can bridge your fingers across it no problem for most people and for those looking for a   smaller phone of course you’re going to appreciate it now like i said we have glass front and back  

and we have ceramic shield this year and ceramic shield makes the glass four times less likely to   break in the event that you drop your phone now the glass is flush to the frame the aluminum   frame of the body so that helps if you drop it since it’s not hitting the edge of the frame like   some of the curved displays we’ve had in the past with the iphone 7 for example where it sticks up a   little bit so

you’re not going to drop it directly on the glass so that combined with ceramic shield   should help you maybe protect this phone a little bit better than we’ve had in the past   and let’s talk about the display because this year we get oled displays in all of them   and they look really vibrant so whether you’re inside or outside the display looks great now   as you can see the display is easy to see in the sunlight it’s very bright out i’m just shaded by   some trees and the brightness is all the way up it goes up to 625 nits of brightness so  

it should be plenty for outdoor use and then 1200 nits if you’re watching hdr video so   the display in general looks great and the display does use pwm to control brightness that means it’s   flickering the display all the time to control brightness the lower the brightness the slower   it’s flickering the higher the faster you can’t see this with your eyes but it does cause some   people to feel nauseated gives them headaches or eye strain i have not experienced any of that with   any of the 12 oled panels this year and so because of that

i can recommend this to most people   even the iphone 10 and 10s and 10s max i couldn’t use because of that flickering with the iphone   11 it got better and i think with the 12 it’s not even noticeable at all even if that bothers you so   hopefully this is a better panel than what we’ve had in the past and i don’t think you’ll have an   issue with that now this is an hdr display that on youtube can play 4k 60 in hdr so you can see   you have the 2160p hdr option if you can use that and it’s super vibrant and nice and as you   can see this is my iphone 12 pro review the good and the bad in 4k hdr so let me go ahead and hit  

play and turn it up so you can hear how loud the speakers go so you have that stainless steel on   the outside like an iphone 4 but you have sort of the flattened edges of the iphone 5 and 5s so this   is a great design it’s one of my favorite so you have the options of hdr displays great speakers   that go really loud and i think this will be a great phone for those that really want something   that’s a little bit small and the next thing is the camera the camera in this is phenomenal  

as you saw in that last video i just showed you on youtube that was recorded with an iphone 12   pro and this camera is the exact same camera we have the same ability up to 4k 60 hdr up to   30 and it’s just a phenomenal camera it looks great it has great quality decent stabilization   and take a look at some of these photos and videos that i shot with this just a moment ago this is the forward-facing camera of the iphone 12 mini i’m just hand holding it on a tripod and  

this year the iphone 12 mini 12 12 pro and 12 pro max all have the same forward facing cameras   so you get 4k quality you can do this in hdr as well although you wouldn’t be able to see it if   i use that but as i move you’ll see that it’s adjusting in real time the exposure of the sky   my face and everything else to give us the best quality possible so i’m pretty impressed with it   but let me know what

you think about it in the comments below we get night mode on the cameras   this year as well so with wide or ultra wide you can take a photo at night 30 second exposure on   a tripod and it looks amazing the amount of light a small camera is of able to actually capture and   then expose using the neural engine and ai it’s pretty incredible now with the iphone 12 series we   have 5g and 5g is pretty nice it’s fast i’ve shown it in other videos i get about double the speed   with my current carrier than if i’m using 4g but if you really want those crazy fast speeds that   apple showed in ideal conditions well you’re going to have to

find a specific spot be on verizon or   maybe a t and use the millimeter wave antenna and that’s not widely available for example in   the charlotte metro area near where i live it’s on a few different corners within the city right   in the middle of the city otherwise you won’t get those speeds you’ll get normally about 100 to 200   megabits per second so i wouldn’t run out and get one of these just to have

5g but it’s nice that   it’s there for future proofing as it gets more and more readily available where you are and from your   carrier but if you have t-mobile or someone with a lot of sub 65g coverage well then it’s going   to be great it’s going to give you double the speed of probably what you had with 4g but it   really depends on where you live it’s not really that much faster than 4g depending on your area  

and what kind of coverage you have now with the iphone 12 mini of course it’s really easy to hold   and it’s easy to use especially if you have huge hands like me i can easily reach across the screen   do whatever i need to do but also you’re not going to notice any slowdowns or any   compromises here because this has apple’s a14 bionic cpu and this one has four gigs of ram   whatever you’re doing whether it be imovie maybe you’re editing a 4k video this is the first time iPhone 12 mini Review 

i’m opening imovie on here maybe you’re editing a 4k video it’s just going to be super fast all   the time if you’re opening weather if you’re opening music and then you’re going back and   playing a youtube video everything’s just going to be super fast and fluid and it doesn’t matter   what you’re doing it just acts like that all the time it’s just the normal use case for this phone   it’s just super fast and a joy to use so there’s no compromises there and of course you have a   smaller screen so it’s easier to use for a lot of people as you can just reach across the display  

easily or even if your hands are small it should be a much better use case than maybe last year’s   iphone 11 for example which was much larger now a lot of people have asked me how’s the battery life   with the iphone 12 mini i think that’s the second most asked question what size is it and how’s its   battery so the battery life for most people seems to be about five hours i would say in most tests   that i’ve seen as well as my use you’re going to get about five hours of screen on time with this   iPhone 12 mini Review

some people are getting less is around three hours some people are getting more at six to   seven hours it really depends on what you’re doing if you’re just playing music you’re going to get   more battery life if you’re doing something like watching or recording online video or you’re using   the camera to record 4k hdr video well then you’re going to drain the battery much faster it just   depends what you’re doing but i would say overall it’s impressive this year with its battery life so  

expect around i would say probably around five hours but again this really depends on how you   use it if you’re on facetime calls or something that’s using the camera and the cpu heavily well   then it’s going to actually use that battery much more quickly and if you look at some of   the earlier days on this particular black iphone 12 mini you’ll see here i only got 32 minutes and   50 percent while it was doing background activity but then the next day 30 minutes of screen on time   use 25 so it really depends on obviously which one you’re using and how you’re using it but if  

you’re watching a lot of youtube for example and you’re streaming that it’s going to take a more   of a battery hit than if you were just listening to music so it really depends on what you’re doing   but overall i would say it’s good battery it’s better than the second generation se   but not quite as good as the iphone 12 or 12 pro max in my experience now this year we get   magsafe and magsafe is a wireless charger that magnetically adheres to the back of the phone   iPhone 12 mini Review

and it’s a really nice way to charge your phone it holds on nice and tight and on the mini it   will charge at 12 watts so you’ll see i can hold the cable and it holds on to the phone   and because the mini’s so light it sticks on there quite nicely and you’ll charge the phone   if you’re using a wired connection the same speed as all the other phones even though it’s charging   at a slower rate with the wireless charger if you use the wired charger you’ll get about 50  

battery in 30 minutes and then it slows down just like any of the others so it charges nice and fast   no problems there even though the magsafe charger charges a little slower in the smaller phone and   this is a fantastic phone and i think people that have been wanting a small phone for a long time   will be really happy with this phone because it’s all of the best things of this year’s phones in a   iPhone 12 mini Review

compact package and i know a lot of people that have been looking for this sort of thing for a   long time the squared off edges make it easier to hold and so should you pick one up i would say if   you’re looking for a small phone then absolutely if you’re concerned more about battery life   and you don’t care about the size well then you could go with the 12 pro max which will   give you over 10 hours of screen on time so it really depends on what you want to do and what  

sort of thing matters most to you if battery matters most then maybe a bigger phone would   be better for you but if you need the compact phone with no compromise of camera quality and   the night modes and hdr adobe video well then the mini is an

excellent choice and given that it’s   the least expensive and there’s a lot of carrier deals well then it’s easy to recommend especially   if you can get a deal on these but let me know if you’re picking up the mini in the comments below   iPhone 12 mini Review

i’d love to hear from you and if so which color did you pick up if not what other phone did you   get or are you holding off this year i’d love to hear from you in the comments below if you’d like   to get your hands on the wallpaper i have in this video of course i’ll link it in the description   like i normally do and if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the   video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is aaron i’ll see you next time

iPhone 12 mini Review

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