iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 Which Should You Choose

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 Which Should You Choose

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 Which Should You Choose Hi, everyone. Aaron here for Zollotech and iPhone11 and iPhone 12 are both similar in many ways and also a little bit different in many ways. And so I wanted to help you decide which one is right for you. And so we’re going to talk about everything from the displays to the price, to the battery life,the cameras, and more.

And so let’s first talk aboutprice with the iPhone 11. It starts now this year atfive 99 and goes up to $749. It starts at 64 gigabytes. It has 128 gigabyte option andgoes up to 256 gigabytes of storage with the iPhone 12. It’s a littlebit more expensive this year. It’s seven 99 and goes up to $949. And if you want it unlocked,

youactually have to pay an additional $30, which is something we haven’t seenbefore with Apple. It starts at 64. Gigabytes has 128 gigabyteoption and goes to 256 gigabytes. So you have the same storage optionsbetween the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12.

When it comes to colors, as you cansee here, the iPhone 11 comes in green, which I have here. It also comesin white, black, yellow, purple, and product red. There’s one less colorwith the iPhone 12, but you can see, I have the new blue color here.It comes in white, black, green, and product red along with this bloop.And so we have very similar colors, although they’re a little bit more,maybe deep colors with the iPhone 12, as

opposed to pastelcolors with the iPhone 11. Now the overall design betweenthe two are similar and different. So they’re both made out of aluminum. They have aluminum framesaround the outside edge. And so the frame is made of thesame material, but on the iPhone 12, it’s now squared off. And so we’ve gone back to sortof the iPhone 5 and 5s design, and we have a

frame around theoutside edge. That’s aluminum. So they’re both equally durable.They seem to hold up. Well, I don’t think you’ll have an issue there, but you may have a little bit differencewhen it comes to the grip because the squared off edges actually makeit less slippery, at least for me. So that may be somethingthat’s an advantage to you. We have glass both frontand back on both devices. So front and back

there’s glass,similar glass. But with the iPhone 12, we have the new ceramic shield glass, which Apple says is four times lesslikely to break when dropped. However, in my tests, if I turn the displayoff, you may be able to see it. There’s actually a scratch righthere next to my right finger. So there’s a scratch right there thathopefully you can see and you can actually feel it. I don’t know where this

came from andI’ve actually seen others say the same thing. So we have basically the samesoftness of glass with both displays. But apparently when youdrop an iPhone 12 or 12 pro, they seem to hold up a little bitbetter because they’re made of this new ceramic shield. And you have a little bitbetter protection since thedisplay does not sit above the outside edge. So there’sa slight difference there, you will have betterdurability with the iPhone 12,

but you still may need a screen protectorif you’re worried about scratches. Now, if we look around the outside edgeof both phones, they’re very similar, but there are some slightdifferences on the left-hand side, we have our volumebuttons and silent switch, but on the left-hand side of theiPhone 12, we have our SIM card slot. If we look at the top of thephone, they’re very similar, but the iPhone 12 has an antennaline. On the right hand side, we have our power sleep wakebutton. And on the iPhone 11, we have our SIM card tray instead of our

SIM card tray on the iPhone 12 in the United States, we have amillimeter wave antenna for 5g. So that’s for specificallymillimeter wave, but in the United States around theworld, you won’t necessarily have this. Now on the bottom of the phone, youcan see there’s a slight difference. The iPhone 11 has a little bitoff-center from top to bottom. Anyway, lightening port, where the iPhone12 is symmetrical. However, the speaker and microphone grillsare asymmetric on the iPhone 12.

So you can see there’s a slightdifference there. It’s not a huge deal, but there is a difference. Now overallsize is a little bit different. The iPhone 12 is narrower despitehaving similar sized displays. It’s also a little bit shorteras far as top to bottom. So the iPhone 12 is a little bit easierto hold onto because it’s smaller. When it comes to the overallweight of both phones, the iPhone 11 is a little bit heavier.

The iPhone 11 comes in at 6.8, four ounces or 194 grams. TheiPhone 12 comes in at 5.7, eight ounces and 164 grams. You candefinitely notice the difference. Now when it comes to both phones displays,this is where they’re very different. They are the same size 6.1inches from corner to corner, but the iPhone 11 has a 6.1inch liquid retina LCD with a resolution of 1,792 by 828, with 326 pixels per inch. It does go up to 625 nits of brightnesssupports P three wide colors has true tone and haptic touch.

The iPhone 12 is Apple’s 6.1inch super retina XDR display, which is the same display as theiPhone 12 pro it’s an old led display supports HDR and is 2,532 by 1,170 pixels. It has a pixel densityof 460 pixels per inch. It also goes to the samebrightness, 625 nits. But when playing HDR content can goto a peak brightness of 1200 nits. So they’re very similar that way. Asfar as brightness with regular use, the iPhone 12 also supports P3 widecolor has true tone. And again, haptic touch.

If we look atthe brightness, side-by-side, we’ll turn them all the way up. They cango to the same 625 nits of brightness. Of course you can’t really see thatproperly on the camera because it sort of blows out the color or in you basicallysee white, but it goes nice and bright. They’re both visible outside. Theyboth have pretty good viewing angles. You can see the iPhone 12. It seemsto be a little bit better here.

Now, both phones can play 2160 P contenton YouTube. So if we go into YouTube, you’ll see, I already have itset on my iPhone. 12 pro review. Both can go up to 2160 P. That means 4k. Neither of them have 4k displays. However, the iPhone 12 is technicallyHDR, but for some reason, YouTube has not enabled that yet.

You won’t be able to get that onthe iPhone 11. Now, as far as 4k, while you can get the content in 4k, but you really won’t see the differencebecause they’re compressing it to whatever size that display isor scaling it to that size. So you’re not going to see a benefitreally, other than a higher bit rate. And most people cannot seethe difference in pixels. The only area where you’ll reallysee a difference is in the darks.

So if we go to say flip on dark mode here, we’ll switch on dark mode. Youshould be able to see a difference. If we go to a menu that has black, it’s turning off thepixels on the iPhone 12, where it still has to backlightthem and show you black. So you will get deeperblacks with an OLED display. But one thing you won’t get with anLCD is PWM or pulse with modulation to control the brightness.

It’s actually flickering the display allthe time to control brightness on the iPhone 12 while it seems to bother myeyes less than previous years by quite a bit. I, in fact, I don’t evennotice it on the iPhone 12. It’s still technically there. So if you’re really concerned aboutflickering on the display and it gives you headaches, and you’ve seenthis with the iPhone 10, I wouldn’t necessarily think it’s goingto be a problem with the iPhone 12, but it is there. And ifyou see side by side,

the iPhone 12 is flickering where theiPhone 11 isn’t only at the fullest brightness will it not flicker.So that’s true of most OLEDs. That’s just how they control brightness.And if you’re sensitive to light, it may make a difference for you. Now,as far as the speakers are concerned, they both have stereospeakers from top to bottom. So they both sound pretty good. I think the iPhone 12 is alittle

clearer at the higher end. Maybe a couple of decibels louder,but I’m going to have you listen. So I’ll play the same video,my iPhone 12 pro review. And have you listened and see whatyou think through my microphone? So I’ll move the microphone so you canhear it a little clearer. Everyone, Aaron here for Zollotech and iPhone 12pro has been my main phone for the past five to six days. I’vebeen using it full time.

I switched from an 11pro max to test this out. And so far I’m really enjoying it. Pro has been my main phonefor the past five to six days. I’ve been using it full time. I switchedfrom an 11 pro max to test this out. And so far I’m really enjoying it,but I want to talk about that. No, between both of them. I thinkthey both sound pretty good. I don’t really have any complaintsthere. The sound is loud and clear, and maybe it’s a little bit deeper orricher with the iPhone 11 where

I think the iPhone 12 may be a little bitclearer, but not as rich of a sound. So that’s just my take on it. Now,when it comes to the battery life, battery life is actually a little bitdifferent between both of these in my tests, the iPhone 11 has a3,110 million power battery, which will give you up to 17 hours ofplayback with video. According to Apple, the iPhone 12 has a smaller2,815 million power battery. But again, Apple says it will give youup to 17 hours of video playback. Now, in my experience,

I’ve found that most people say thatthe iPhone 11 will give them up to about seven hours of screen on time, sometimesmore depending on how they’re using it. In my testing, I’m only getting about six hours ofscreen on time with the iPhone 12. And as you can see, they’ve both been turned on recentlyand you’ll see today is a little bit different, but generally in myoverall test of the

iPhone 12, I’m getting about six hours,maybe six and a half at best. I can pretty easily get seven hours withthe iPhone 11 and many people get more than that. So there isdefinitely a battery difference. It may have to do some with the displaybeing that it’s lower resolution and LCD on the iPhone 11, where the old led, even though you’re using anold led display in dark mode, it’s still pushing more pixels.And maybe that affects it more. But I think generally you’llget very similar battery iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 Which Should You Choose

life, but you may get an extra hour out ofthe 11, from what I’m seeing online. Now both have fast charging the samefast charging, 50% in 30 minutes, if you use the 20 watt adapter. So ifyou’re using Apple’s 20 watt adapter, you’ll get the same sort ofcharging speed. They bothsupport wireless charging, but you can use the new magsafe charger with the iPhone 12. It holds onto the back, charges it through Qi wireless chargingand is a fairly secure connection.

It won’t fall off unless you really forceit off and you do have to disconnect it. So it’s very similarto just plugging in, but both phones can charge off of this, but you’ll get up to 15 Watts of fastcharging with mag safe on an iPhone 12. You also get MagSafe accessories,such as the clear case. You can see where the magnetrings are in the back, and this helps charge and hold onto different accessories as well. So it’s a little bit of an advantage asfar as maybe faster wireless charging,

but both of them support wirelesscharging and you can charge on any cheek compatible wireless charger. You’ll get the same speeds whenusing the 20 watt adapter though. And one thing before we continue tothe speed is you’ll see immediately. Now that I’ve been using thephone for a little while, how many fingerprints are on the back ofthe iPhone 12 while the side is a matte finish, same as the iPhone 11.

It seems to leave a lot offingerprints on the back. This is just from normal use. You don’t really see them on theiPhone 11 because of the finish. So something’s a littlebit different there. It may be because it’s a darker color. There are a lot of fingerprints on the 11, but I think you’ll see thema lot easier on the 12. For some reason now both support faceID. They seem to be the same speed. You’ll see they unlocked at aboutthe same time. We’ll try it again. And they unlock iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 Which Should You Choose

basically the same. Soyou’re not seeing an advantage there. You have the same security, but you won’t really seea speed difference whenunlocking the phones. However, with the iPhone 11, it has the A13 bionic CPU in itwith the next gen neural engine where Apple says the iPhone 12 has theA14 bionic CPU with four gigabytes of Ram and the third gen neural engine.So both have the same amount of Ram. There’s just new processors in theiPhone 12 that are a little bit faster.

Now in my overall use, you will notice adifference with things like the camera. When you’re taking video, it can do a better job because of thatnew neural engine, but with regular use, day-to-day use going betweendifferent applications. You’re really not going to notice adifference just switching between apps. So maybe you want to go into,

let’sgo into the app store on both. You’ll see that sometimes onewill load faster than the other. They’re about the same inalmost everything you do, except for when you’re doing heavilycomputational sorts of tasks, maybe recording HDR video, andit’s processing video in real time. And so it’s very fastbetween both of them. I don’t think you’re going to reallynotice a difference if you’re coming from an iPhone

11 to a 12, most people probably won’t see thedifference until maybe you’re using a different application, such as a photoediting app where you can modify a photo. So let’s go into a photo. Now here’s a photo I took when Iwas doing the iPhone 12 review, trying to make thumbnail photos. We’ll go to edit and see ifthere’s any difference, edit, and let’s hit the auto adjust button.See if it makes any difference. So we’ll hit auto and they’repretty much instantaneous. iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 Which Should You Choose

You’re not going to see muchof a difference. So exposure, everything responds the same. Although I will say that I think theiPhone 12 did a better job at auto adjusting the photo. So we’ll discard the changes andyou’ll see it’s equally fast. Now, other than opening applicationsand editing photos, I wanted to try something a littlebit more processor intensive, such as exporting 4k video. So ifwe open up a movie, you’ll see, I have the same projectshere for the most part, but this is the exact same videothat I have here. So you’ll see the, the video iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 Which Should You Choose

is three minutes and 47seconds on both devices. We’ll hit, edit, and we’ll go to, well, the same pointhere, you’ll see, it says Zillow tech, go to the end and you’ll see it’s the exact samelength, three minutes, 46.9 seconds. Or so we’ll go to the beginning.It’s the exact same video. And so let’s see how fast we can exportthis video on both devices and see if there’s any difference.So we’ll move these over, bring over a different iPhone as astopwatch, go ahead and hit done on both. So we’ll hit share on both and thenwe’ll hit save video on all of them and start, and let’s see what they cando. So now it’s exporting video. I’ll speed this up. So you don’t have to wait the entiretime and let’s see what they can do. [ Music] so you can see. They both completed withinseconds of one another. Now it depends on whenyou’re exporting this. As I tried the same test a little bitearlier and found different results, I found the iPhone 12 was able to processthe same video about a minute faster. So I don’t know what the differenceis. I did let both phones cool down, but after processing the iPhone, 12 is a little bit warm and the iPhone11 is also about the same temperature. So they’re similar as far as heat. Although I think that the iPhone12 does feel a little bit warmer. Maybe that’s due to its smaller chassissize and newer CPU, but either way, both results are impressive. They compress them faster thanthe actual video in real time. And so that’s a pretty impressiveresult for both of them, but the iPhone 12 is a little bit fasterand much faster in certain scenarios. So it just depends what you’re doing.Now, when you are taking photos, there is a difference. There’s a

difference with the rear camerasand their ability to record as well as the front cameras. So the front cameras are the exactsame as far as 12 megapixel F 2.2 apertures. So if we go intothe camera, spin it around here. They’re the exact same in every way,they have the same sort of processing. However, the front camera of theiPhone 12 can do smart HDR and also has night mode and deepfusion on all of the cameras. So they can also both do 4k 60, but the iPhone 12 can record in Dolbyvision HDR up to 30 frames per second. So you have amazing video. And it’s really hard to show heresince this video is not an HDR, but if you haven’t seen whatthe iPhone 12 camera can do, check out my iPhone 12 pro review videousing an iPhone with the YouTube app, and you’ll see what HDR actually lookslike. So it’s very bright and vibrant. It looks great. And then also there’s a difference withthe rear cameras and we’ll have a full comparison in just a moment, but the iPhone 11 has a 12megapixel wide F 1.8 aperture as well as a 12 megapixelultra-wide F 2.4. Again, you can record 4k 60video with the iPhone 12. You have a 12 megapixelwide F 1.6 aperture. So they’ve increased the amount oflight that can come in. And then again, you have a 12 megapixel ultraride with F 2.4 aperture again, night mode on all cameras on theiPhone, 12 smart HDR, three for photos, 4k 60 video, and then Dolby visionHDR up to 30 frames per second. And also you get night modetime-lapse so if you’re in the dark, you can do a time-lapse with it. Sothat’s something that’s a little bit new. Now let’s go ahead and take a look atsome of the video and photos from both cameras. So you cancompare and see what you. You think it’s better. [ Music]. This is the forward facing cameraof the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12. And from what I can see,they look about the same. The background is kind of blownout on either one.

Of course, I can’t do HDR because you won’t beable to see that without me actually uploading in HDR. So it’s alittle bit difficult to do, but hopefully they sound aboutthe same. So here’s the iPhone 12, here’s the iPhone 11. Let me know which one you think soundsand looks best in the comments below. Now, when it comes to thecellular capabilities, this is where there’s a very bigdifference with the iPhone 11. We have an Intel modem that can do 4g LTE. There’s been many complaintsabout connectivity, quality of the calls and things like thatover the years with the Intel modems. But with iPhone 12, you now have a Qualcomm modem thatsupports 5g sub six millimeter wave in the United States, andalso allows for FaceTime HD calls. If you’re using 5g and the 5gspeeds are definitely different. And I can tell when I’m using it outside,it depends on who your carrier is. But if we go into a speed test,we’ll go into speed. Test. We’ll turn off wifi fornow. It will say, T-Mobile, we’ll give it a second. We’ll hitgo, and we’ll wait for it to connect. And I’ll show you the differencebetween 5g and 4g. So you’ll see, I only have two bars and atleast where I’m at right now, I’m getting about 120 megabits per seconddown. We’ll wait for the upload here. And with upload, I’m hittingup to 15 megabits per second. So 129 down by 15 megabits persecond up is what I got at the best. iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 Which Should You Choose

Now, if we go into the settings, we can turn off 5g so I can show youthe difference, at least where I’m at. So in the cellular data options,you can see voice and data. We’ll switch it over to LTE. Itswitches in the upper, right? Let’s go back to speedtest. Let’s run it again. And I’ll show you the difference with 4g. And you’ll get about the same speeds onthe iPhone 11 with 4g, but you’ll see, we’re only hitting about, well,so far 55 megabits per second, so less than half so far, maybeit will pick up a little bit, but less than half the speedwith LTE, at least in my area. So you will definitely notice adifference. In fact, with upload, it seems about half as well,so I’ll wait for it to finish. And you’ll see that we’ll have55 megabits per second down. And I think we got up to aboutseven megabits per second up. So it’s completed it 5.4,two megabits per second.

I haven’t seen much of a batterydifference using either one, but there’s definitelysuper clear calls with 5g. The Qualcomm modem definitely makes adifference. I think it’s more reliable, has better connectivity overall and isa big improvement over what we had with the iPhone 11 and iPhone. Going back to the iPhone 10 whenthey switched to Intel. Now, as far as wifi is concerned, both have wifi 6 support or 802.11ax. So you’re going to get thesame fast speeds from both. iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 Which Should You Choose

You shouldn’t really haveany differences there, although you’ll probably never need thosespeeds. It is capable on both devices. IP rating this year is a little bitbetter on the iPhone 12 as well. The iPhone 11 has an IP 68 ratingis of up to two meters for up to 30 minutes. So that’s pretty good, but the iPhone 12 has an IP 68 ratingof six meters for up to 30 minutes. So a huge bump as far as thatgoes. So it’s better water sealed. You’ll have iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 Which Should You Choose

fewer issues. As far as thatgoes. If you were to drop it in water, just keep in mind. Apple does not coverwater damage regardless of this rating. So make sure you have Apple care. If you’re someone that’s prone todropping your phone more often. Now, I wanted to show you a quick sizecomparison with a larger phone, the iPhone 11 pro max atthe time of this video, the iPhone 12 pro max is not yet out, but you can get a general idea as you’veprobably seen an 11 pro max at this point. So you’ll see the iPhone 12on the right is definitely narrower. And if I put this on top of theiPhone 12 or the 11 pro max, you’ll see here that the iPhone12 is definitely narrower and it’s shorter by quite a bit. So it’s much smaller and it’seven smaller than the iPhone 11. So again, you’ll see the small changeshere, size differences here. Now, which phone should you choose? Well, I would say if you already havean iPhone 11 at this point, I would probably hang on to it for anotheryear. The iPhone 12 is a great phone, but it’s mostly a new design with HDR,capable cameras and an Ola display. If PWM is a major concern, of course, stick with an iPhone 11 since the displaywon’t bother your eyes at all since it’s never flickering. However, if you really like the new designas I do with the iPhone 12, with the squared off edges, and youmaybe you’re coming from an iPhone 10, you’ll definitely notice a speeddifference and improvement in cameras and improvement. Even in the display quality, maybe you won’t see muchof a battery improvement, but I would say if you’re on the 11series, I would probably skip this year, unless you have to have the newer design. If you’re on an earlier

version thancertainly pick up an iPhone 12. Now, if you don’t want an iPhone 12,the iPhone 11 is a great option, especially if you can get it for a lessamount of money from maybe used or with a deal from your carrier. The11 is still a great option. Both will get updatesfor many years to come. I would see at least four more years withthe iPhone 11 based on what we’ve seen in the past. And usually up tofive years with the newest phone. So they’re both going to be aroundfor awhile, getting updates, probably all the way up to iOS19, iOS 20, whenever those

come out years from now. So you probably will have updates for years to come on both. I really wouldn’t think of that as a concern on either device, but let me know which device you would pick and why in the comments below. And also if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper, I’ll link it in the description like I normally do. iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 Which Should You Choose

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