Bought iPhone 12 Pro on Launch Day with YouTube MoneyCost India vs the USA

Bought iPhone 12 Pro on Launch Day with YouTube MoneyCost India vs the USA

Bought iPhone 12 Pro on Launch Day with YouTube MoneyCost India vs the USA so hey guys for all the viewers and students who are watching me for the first time I really want to tell you that I have a budget-oriented student, too be honest from the beginning of my Student career. We used to have a budget for clothes Rs. 500 max for jeans or

Tshirts i used to you know keep in mind and then go for shopping similarly for phones max budget of Rs. 10,000 and laptop up to Rs. 25k so on and on Using Apple Products had always been a dream before coming to US and even after. I remember one time when used to be in 6th till 10th grade Apple store used to kick me out saying “Someone is calling you outside” because I never used to go there to

buy but to you know because it was always considered luxury in India in my family but later on when I came to USA I never knew that I can fulfill it that fast but one day thanks to Marques Brownlee i won the giveaway   of iphone 10r and that’s from where my dream came true bro finally finally ready all set   My room actually is like a hardware lab  and really messybut i’m very excited for this apple day   so

now finally plan sk first i’m gonna pick up my friend kushagra   this name iphone 11 12 pro billionaire so then we will buy it together apartment foreign foreign foreign um foreign foreign um foreign foreign should i get the 21 or i can use it for 18 more you can use it   it won’t have the same output so it is going to charge got it that’s fine i can get one bag no i have a backpack so   no i don’t need the adapter i’m fine without the adapter i just wanted to donate it though  

the apple store with jati the first thing i was interested in was testing the camera to abhi my   iphone record around the normal video camera but the moment i switched to iphone 12 pros hdr mode   the dolby vision i was shocked by the lights as a chamber or colors that’s a vivid object   thank you okay so i think my car has been uh like towed i’m not sure   there was there was no notice written that it’s reserved parking i mean i’m a student i   uh we all students we just came for

like 30 minutes and now we’re back and we saw this so we just we i think it’s we are the parking uh it’s the number   we’re calling from the parking near sprint 75.000 by latoya with the max safe charger but before unboxing it i really want to tell you how i   was able to afford it the first step is that i’ll be selling my iphone 11 for around 550   on marketplace so two people are already willing to buy it the five free dollars   will come into my pocket after unboxing and you know setting this

iphone 12 pro number two step   that i bought it on installments with the help of apple card so i’ll be paying around forty   dollars per month for the next two years and at the same time getting three percent cash back   right in my pocket 13 percent comment level three percent means   one iphone free for every 33 iphone i buy in the next 32 years it’s a it’s a complicated term but   you get the point right now how is able to afford the forty dollars per month with the   help of youtube

money those key explanation have people so on my people account you can clearly see   that i have thirteen hundred dollars that i got through referring others so many of their friends   for refereki i referred on youtube i referred all over so with the help of this thirteen hundred   dollars that i made on youtube and through my friends through referring so everyone who will   use the link in the

description below will get three to four free stocks from eight dollars to   fourteen hundred dollars and a graph will link you so for example if my friend uses it i’ll get one   free stock exchange so mujhay kai stocks smelly so with the help of that now the total is thirteen   hundred dollars i’ll be selling some off and with the help of that i’ll be able to pay off for my   iphone 12 pro so definitely try the weeble

app or robinhood as well so i use both the apps so   robin or kit through b i have got a lot of stocks through the first and through uh we will also i   have got a lot of them so you can feel free to use whichever but my favorite is going to be viewable   because it gives you a lot of free stocks if you use the link in the description below   so that’s how i was able to buy the iphone 12 pro so i’ll be unboxing it in the next video and   comparing the camera of iphone 12 pro with the iphone 11 and also pixel 5 and 4a know not 4a   because it’s basically same sensor so stay tuned for that and i’ll see you guys in the next one goodbye

Bought iPhone 12 Pro on Launch Day with YouTube MoneyCost India vs the USA

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