I Recommend this iPhone SE 2020

I Recommend this iPhone SE 2020

I Recommend this iPhone SE 2020 It’s here. The iPhone for every man, the iPhone SE. I’m gonna be calling this one the iPhone SE SE. The iPhone SE Second Edition. Go ahead and get this baby unpacked because this is about as exciting as I’ve ever been for an iPhone in my memory.

Still is gonna cost youa cool 400 U.S dollars. Dbrand keeps trying to one up themselves to send me something so ugly, I couldn’t possibly like it, and they keep sending me stuff I think is cooler and cooler so they provided this phone, thanks to Dbrand for that. Ear pods, wired, not air pods. You’ll find a regular, nonwarp speed fast charger, anything like that, as well as a lightening cable. It looks and feels basicallyexactly like an iPhone 8. Even internally, this phoneshares a

lot of similarities with it’s predecessor. Wow, face ID is gone, I didn’t realize how smallan iPhone 8 would feel until I went and picked one up in 2020. Not just a small phone, but a phone with a reallysmall looking screen. I guess that’s why Appleadvertise it’s reachability as one of the features of this device. The Haptic home buttonthat Apple switched over to with the iPhone 7 is obviously still here and in fact, apparently theentire display assembly, so that would include the home button, is shared with the iPhone 8, but with a couple of caveats. One is that if youreplace the home button, you can’t expect to havetouch ID functionality unless you’re Apple, inwhich case you wouldn’t be interchangeably swappingthe screen for an iPhone SE and an iPhone 8. You’re not gonna be able to use True Tone and then finally, obviously the iPhone 8 has 3D touch and the iPhone SE does not. So even though thathardware might be there, if you put an iPhone 8’s screen assembly onto an iPhone SE, itseems like it’s locked out on software because it will not work.

Other parts that are interchangeablebetween the two phones are apparently the Taptic Engine, as well as apparently, boththe front and rear camera. Front one, so that’s thesame seven megapixel shooter that we saw on the original iPhone 8. Hello, hello I’m taking an iPhone selfie. You don’t have any 4K video recording, like you would in the iPhone 11 and no slow motion selfies or slowfies, that one seems to bepretty much confirmed, but it’s the rear camerathat there’s a little bit of conflicting information on. Hey David, what’s up? –

[David] What’s up, dog? – What’s up? – [David] What? – It appears from iFixit’s tear down that it’s the same 12 megapixel module, but I did read another report that says, what makes it better in the iPhone SE compared to the iPhone8, is Apple’s processing. So on a software level it might know, hey, that’s an iPhone 8 camera module and it may not work correctly, so we’re gonna have towait for the DIY community to figure out the new (mumbles) there. One other component that’s, I guess, a little disappointing, is the battery. So it looks like it’sabout 1800 milliamp hours and it looks like the samebattery from the iPhone 8, I Recommend this iPhone SE 2020

but because it uses a new connector, it is not interchangeable. Let’s get into what is newand, or great about this thing. It’s got three gigs ofRAM, so that’s 50% more than the iPhone 8. It’s got some softwareimprovements to the camera including portrait mode,better video stabilization, as well as red eye removal. It’s now powered by theA13 Bionic processor. The same chip that Appleis using in the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. So on paper anyway, aside from RAM, this thing should performnearly identically to those modern flagships, at $400.

One thing Apple doesn’tspecify on the product page that I was really curious about, is whether the phonesupports HDR video playback. This is definitely playing back How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World in HDR but, this is only on a 625 nit peak brightness display,which means you’re not getting the full HDR experience that you would on something like an iPhone 11or iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max. At least it’s got support for it though, even on a 600 nit display,it’ll look better than SDR.

One other feature thatshouldn’t surprise me but does, is that the SE has wireless charging and IP67 water resistance. It shouldn’t surpriseme that much, I guess, because the iPhone 8 didhave both of those features, but those are the kindsof things I would expect Apple to take away as a gotcha, you know like, oh youdon’t have another $300 to spend on an iPhone 11? Well, I guess you don’t needwireless charging that badly. Really the only killerapps for the iPhone 11 are the ultra wide camera, because the main cameras are,as far as we can tell so far,

relatively similar. The better selfie camera, soit’s 12 versus seven megapixels and of course, with 4K video recording, larger better screen,it is a better screen and then Face ID, which for some people, is not even really a feature and they wish Apple wouldjust go back to Touch ID with the home button, Imean it really is great. Touch ID is awesome, it’ssuper intuitive to use, I’ve always loved it, and that’s it. If my aunt was like,hey I need a new phone, this is it. With one gotcha. David, 1800 milliamppower battery in change. – [David] Garbage. –

Okay, I think garbage is abit of an over statement but– – [David] Awful. – Is that a deal breaker for you? Could you even recommend it to someone? The iPhone 8 made it’sway down to almost $400 towards the very end of it’s life cycle. This is basically that, similar battery, but way newer processor, more RAM and what are you giving up? 3D touch? I think this thing’s a killer value, besides if Apple’s historyis anything to go on, they’re probably gonna update this thing for five years given thatit’s got a brand new flagship chip in it. I think it’s a great value.

As long as you’re not thekind of user who is going to expect nine hours of screentime, 10 hours of screen time a day with some tweaks likeyou made on the Android site. Would you guys wanna seethis concept repeated by Android handset makers? If Samsung was like, hey, Galaxy S7, but with a Snapdragon 865 in it, would you buy that? – [David] Day one. – Day one? – [David] Day one. – Day one, $400? – I Recommend this iPhone SE 2020

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