iPhone 12 Pro One Month Later 4K HDR

iPhone 12 Pro One Month Later 4K HDR

iPhone 12 Pro One Month Later 4K HDR Hi everyone Aaron here for Zollotech and the iPhone 12 Pro has been out for a little bit   over a month and I’ve been using it quite a bit and so I wanted to talk about how it’s held up   durability wise how the signal is and talk about whether

or not you should still pick one up or   just give my overall thoughts on it now this video is in 4k hdr and if it looks all blown out you   want to make sure you’re using this on an iphone or watching this on an iphone on an ipad or a mac   but using safari don’t use chrome as it doesn’t seem to understand the hdr footage properly  

and the same is true on windows so chrome has some issues with different monitors on windows   showing it all blown out but it should work fine on any apple device as well as windows with an hdr   monitor or an apple tv even so hopefully it looks good for you now everything’s set in auto and i’m   recording from an iphone 12 pro so the footage that you’re seeing now is being recorded with an  

iphone 12 pro as you can see here in the camera so there’s the camera i’m using a separate microphone   now as far as the overall durability well the iphone 12 pro has been holding up well i’ve been   using a case on it this is apple’s leather case and it seems to protect the phone well i’m not   using a screen protector and i don’t have a single scratch on the screen and while glass obviously  

still scratches and i did get a small scratch on the iphone 12 this case either protected it enough   or it’s just better glass so while it’s supposed to be more drop resistant it seems to be holding   up better than the iphone 11 pro did at this particular point it doesn’t have a single scratch   on it anywhere to be found so it looks pretty good i’ll zoom in here and there’s not a single scratch  

anywhere on it so that’s good now durability wise one thing i really appreciate is the squared off   edges it makes it easier to hold on to less prone to dropping in my experience and i think   it just adds a more premium feel to the device overall at least that’s my personal opinion on it   it feels very premium because of it it feels like a solid slab and i really like that about the  

phone now as far as reception a lot of people ask how is reception since it has a qualcomm modem you   can see it has 5g i’m using t-mobile here and my reception has been phenomenal in fact i’ve not had   a single dropped call with this particular phone or any of the iphone 12 series for that matter so   that part it’s

really good i’m glad to see that apple switched to qualcomm i think they’re much   better modems and they’re doing well and the same is true for wi-fi now i know some people   have had issues with wi-fi depending on what router they have i personally have not had a   single issue everything seems to load fast and i have no issues with that whatsoever now as far   as the display the

display does use pwm to control brightness you’ll see we’re at full brightness now   you can actually see some of the lines scrolling by because it’s bright outside and everything’s on   auto being recorded but the pwm from the display doesn’t bother my eyes on this display as compared   to say an iphone 10 or 10s max it was better with the iphone 11 but with this phone i find it’s even  

better so apple either bumped up the rate of pwm so it doesn’t bother my eyes so i think that’s a   good thing for those that are sensitive to it it just means we can see higher frame rates generally   and we’re more sensitive to flickering lights because of that that are at slower speeds   not everyone can see it you can’t see it with your eyes but it’s definitely a concern as it can cause   you to feel nauseated or

cause headaches and this display doesn’t seem to do that   now the overall use of the phone well it’s pretty good it’s very fast of course that a14 bionic   should be fast there’s no issues there scrolling of course is smooth going into applications  

ram management is great reopening applications reopening applications like youtube i had this   closed in the background but in general everything works really fast as far as that i don’t have any   complaints the camera is super fast see if i spin it around there the camera is super fast   it reacts quickly if you want to snap a photo you’re not going to miss that photo because of   a slow slow phone or i was going to say computer so the overall feel experience and everything else  

is really premium and i have no issues whatsoever the only issue might be with software updates and   we’ve had a couple we’ve had a couple updates since the beginning of this particular device   and some are to fix small issues like on the iphone 12 mini for example so you’ll see it’s   checking for an update this one’s actually on a beta and there you can see the pwm most prominent   you can see those streaks through there based on the shutter speed of the

camera and so because of   that like i said it’s not a problem you can’t see it with your eyes but a camera can pick it   up the software is still a little bit buggy i’d say we’re leaps ahead of where we were last time   at this point with the iphone 11 pro so the 12 is fantastic and of course the cameras are incredible   the forward-facing camera and the rear cameras both have 4k hdr in dolby vision so   iPhone 12 Pro One Month Later 4K HDR

it’s pretty amazing what you can get out of these cameras and the microphones i’m recording from now   and of course the rear cameras are amazing i’ve been recording the entire video from   it but now i’m recording with the audio as well and everything from the regular   to the ultra wide to the telephoto is an amazing camera this is all shot held handheld and i’m just   walking around with it so stabilization is

great the overall quality is fantastic and you could   use this as your main youtube camera for this or for vlogging so whatever you want to use it   for it’s definitely adequate as long as you have good lighting of course outside you can’t really   tell the difference inside if you have bright lights it looks great either way and most people   would not be able to tell that you’re using an iphone verse a mirrorless camera they’re really  

impressive cameras not only for video but photo of course of well as well now as far as battery life   overall battery life is okay it should get you through a day but five and a half to six hours   seems to be pretty consistent on the 12 pro and for some people that won’t be enough but honestly   for most it should be fine you may have to charge at the end of the day depending on how heavy of a  

user you are that’s using social media listening to music listening to podcasts maybe using youtube   from time to time using the camera using video that will get you about five and a half to six   hours if you’re just watching video on an airplane maybe that you’ve already downloaded you can get   many more hours but just doing regular things online using safari mail messages you’re going  

to get about six hours or so now the overall size of this phone is pretty perfect for most people   it fits comfortably in my very large hands it’s easy to hold on to and i was going back and forth   if i should use the 12 pro or the 12 pro max and i decided to go with the 12 pro max for a couple   different reasons the 12 pro max is larger so as that nice larger display has a little bit better   camera and has 10 to 12 hours of battery life so that extra battery life with the 12 pro max  

isn’t much of a big deal to me but mostly that larger screen and the better camera is why i   wanted it personally the battery i can charge it throughout the day i’m in an office most of   the time so it’s not an issue but for those that want more battery i would definitely go with that   unless you can get a battery case for the 12 pro eventually but currently apple doesn’t offer that   overall the 12 pro is a fantastic phone i think it’s a huge upgrade as far as its design from year  

to year i love the squared off edges i just think it’s a much nicer higher quality feeling design i   personally don’t like the rounded edges so this i think is a much better phone a couple things   i’ve noticed though is the buttons on the edge seem to be a little bit more mushy to me on all   the iphone 12s i have it’s not bad but it’s more mushy than we had with say the iphone 11. those  

felt a little bit more clicky to me that’s just something i noticed personally the volume buttons   feel the same but it’s something to do with i’m taking screenshots it’s something to do with   the power button maybe because it’s a little bit larger it just feels like it’s a less clicky  

feeling than i’m used to other than that the phone is phenomenal i highly recommend it the 12 mini’s   great all of the 12s are great this year and durability i think it’s going to be better over   time than even the 11 pro series let me iPhone 12 Pro One Month Later 4K HDR

know what you think about them though in the comments below   if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper, of course, i’ll link it in the description like I normally do and if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed   the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

iPhone 12 Pro One Month Later 4K HDR

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