Gold iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing

Gold iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing

Gold iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing Hey guys, how’s it going it’s Justine and today I am so excited because this is the moment that I have been waiting for And I think it’s a moment that some of you have been waiting for as well I now have my new iPhone 8 plus, and this one actually isn’t mine, but I am unboxing this one as well This is the silver iPhone 8 So one of my favorite things about the gold iPhone 8 plus so far is the box is also a

very light beige color So you might not be able to tell unless you hold the other one up to it It’s a very very slight tint let’s start the unboxing Trying to contain my excitement as some of you might think that I’m overreacting into you I say I am NOT This is someone who is genuinely enthusiastic about iPhones and everything Apple I need the stickers out of there. Back, okay, but we gotta get my stickers

I have to save my stickers I cannot lose them Hey, Motorola Do you guys want to use this enthusiastic face next time you parody one of my videos for your commercials? I’d say call me, but I’m a little busy. Yeah, I don’t want to take it out of the box. It just looks so pristine and perfect also, put up the silver Ah Shoot I got so excited for the big reveal that I forgot instructions Better put this away All our accessories just came right out with it. We’ve got our charging brick I usually use the bigger charging bricks because they charge my phone much

faster got our ear pods and also we cannot forget the wonderful infamous dongle if you don’t know what that’s for I Just can’t talk about it and of course last, but not least we’ve got a lightning cable. I’m still surprised They didn’t end up going type USB C on the iPhone 10 I thought for sure that they would I feel like it may have been a little bit too much We removed your headphone jack your touch ID and now you have to unlock your phone using facial recognition

Oh by the way. Now. You need a whole nother cable all those lightning cables. You’ve got bye-bye I would have been perfectly fine with it though because I’ve got so many USB C cables mmm Good thing this thing is waterproof I’m very very excited. I don’t want to take the bottom in Wow Now for the front I cannot stress to you how beautiful this gold is if you’re a fan of rose gold jewelry. This is definitely something that matches Actual rose gold jewelry the other two golds that they had the one was too pink the other was too gold But this is

I’ve said it before but this is a perfect marriage of both of those golds to this Here’s my pink sand band to kind of go with it. It’s a pretty good match. Here’s my pink sand iPhone case now Let’s see how this looks on it because this is what I was hoping I was hoping that it would look perfect, and it does OH it’s turning on!! The color matches almost perfectly and it looks really really good There’s a slight gold accent right here on the touch ID got our lightning port as usual It looks really good This almost makes me really sad that there’s not going to be a gold

iPhone 10 if you have an iPhone iPad and bring it In your by to sign it on if you want you can also I’ve never done this before quick start a little prompt just showed up It’s saying set up new phone, and then I’m going to hit continue, and we’re gonna see what happens So during the set of that brings you to this true tone display Setting the iPhone automatically adapts to ambient lighting conditions to make colors of your consistently different environments next up. We’ve got this little guy We’ve got all of our same accessories

This is kind of giving me a little taste of what to expect with the iPhone 10 because I do plan on getting the silver Estimated time remaining oh boy this is going to take a while oh Just getting five minutes twelve ten nine. Oh, I don’t know I’ll be patient the silver is really really great So in comparison to the gold let’s take a look So it’s like all of my apps are being re-downloaded, which is probably gonna. Take a little while for sure well those download I have two other cases to show you guys here. This is a rose red color And I know you guys

know that I’m not a huge fan of red, but this is more of like a berry type color So it’s not necessarily red. I feel like if I was gonna have a red case This is definitely the color that I would go for see what it looks like on me silver 8’o I’m always curious, what do you guys prefer do you prefer a smaller phone? Do you like the 8 plus? Do you like the size of the 8, or do you even think that this is too big? I’ve also got one of the new iPhone 8 leather cases.

This is the cosmos blue Seem to Why are you so difficult? This is actually a nice color blue let’s see the blue on the gold phone. It’s not bad I don’t think that I would pair this blue with the gold though. You would probably go very well with the white I’m sure it would look perfectly fine. Also on the black. It’s not bad I feel like this is not a justine color though. I might try to go caseless for a little while I know that’s very very scary well the thing I thought was

kind of interesting is they removed all of the text below the iPhone So as you can see there’s text here no Text here very very clean. Here’s some of the new wallpapers. I think I’m probably going to choose I already have one of these sets which I previously had downloaded whenever they had the leaked images. I picked this one Here’s a look at some of the new camera features. I’ve got the natural light the studio light contour light stage light Stage light mono.

I’m wondering if I’m gonna be able to try to take a picture of myself Place subject within stage light okay, the struggle of making videos by myself I don’t have anybody to take this picture for me. This is gonna be a great test Let’s see here. I feel like that what I might be in okay. Let’s just let’s press the button is you would have Okay, I just took this picture basically And just set up a timer and took a picture of myself very dramatic oh Yeah, this is definitely gonna work way better. We want to have somebody else take the picture for me

I’ll be doing a full camera review and test very very shortly so look for that in the next couple of days There may be a chance the videos already up I’d be sure to check my channel and make sure you subscribe so you know when I launch new videos my phone is still currently updating So there it is I need to be much further away. I can’t reach my arm any further One of the big highlights of the new 8 in the 8 plus is there is now wireless charging I covered these chargers in my previous video where I opened some accessories for my new

iPhone and my Apple watch This is the mophie charger, and this is the Belkin wireless charger, and if you’re completely clueless on how this works you may have missed That demonstration well, thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this unboxing of the new iPhone 8 plus in gold and the silver 8 I’ll be doing a much more comprehensive

review especially Dedicating a lot of time to the camera, but that’s something that I’m not able to film by myself So I’ll be recruiting my sister once again who actually unboxed the iPhone before me She got the Space Gray which I’m very happy about so we’ll be able to do a color comparison so look for that video soon

But the next one that I’m going to be posting is the Apple watch series 3 unboxing I got the gray ceramic and the white ceramic and I’m not sure which one I want to keep I guess we’ll find out why I box that thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys soon Your sweet I’m not well just kidding I’m perfectly fine debatable

Gold iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing

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