NEW 2018 iPad Pro Unboxing 129 in Space Gray 1TB

NEW 2018 iPad Pro Unboxing 129 in Space Gray 1TB

NEW 2018 iPad Pro Unboxing 129 in Space Gray 1TB Hello! Oh boy! Today is the day that the iPad Pro is released. I’m actually in New York right now, I have no idea what this video looks like because I forgot my little monitor so the only way that I can kind of see you guys is there’s a mirror, but you’re, so I have to go like this to see in the mirror to see you. It’s really quite silly.

But I wasn’t home to be ableto get my iPad that I ordered, and it’s great that I wasn’t home because I actually forgot to pre-order. I ordered an engraved pen,I ordered the Folio Pad, I ordered a case, I orderedeverything except the iPad because what I thought I haddone is ordered the iPad first but then I got side-trackedby engraving my pen and tweeting and a lotof different things. But I’m here,

I’m in New York,and I got a chance to see the temporary 5th Avenue Apple store, and I feel like that 5thAvenue store has been under construction for a really long time. So anyway, I went intoday, got some goodies. Pretty hyped about it. Can I even see myself? Is this over-exposed? Who knows. I’m actually in New York togo to Good Morning America. Be sure to look for meon the show if you watch,

or if your mom watches, or if you have family that watches, tell them that you know me. Tell them that we’re friends, if you need me to send a tweetto say that were friends, to confirm it, tweet me,I will do that for you. Pencil. What did I call, did Icall it a pen earlier? I’m not sure, I’m delirious. I honestly don’t know whenthe last time was I slept. I think the last time Islept was when (mumbles). That was a long time ago. iPad Pro. Smart Keyboard Folio! We’ve also got some dongles because something that’s prettyexciting about the iPad Pro is it does feature USBCs, so with USBCs you cando so many more

things than you could previously with Lightning. So you can actually use youriPad Pro to charge your iPhone. I need to take my shoesoff, I gotta get comfy. This is a real chill unboxing and I hope that you enjoy it. I hope I’m even recording,I don’t even know. So this does feature USBC, you can also use an external monitor. Probably should not havereturned mine and just kept it because it’s times like these. (fuzzy music) ♪ It’s times like these, ♪ ♪ You learn to love again. ♪

Oh man I love the Foo Fighters. Where was I (laughs)? We’re going to un-box now, I promise you. If you can make it tothe end of this video, congratulations. I mentioned this in my iPad Air video but just in case you missed that video, be sure to go check it out. Jonathan and I are doing another giveaway of either an iPad Pro or a MacBook Air, whichever one you guys want. In addition to

our iPhone 10r giveaway. So we’re gonna be announcingthose winners at the same time, so if you wanna go check it out, check out Jonathon’s channel,check out my channel, subscribe to both, like our videos and we’ll be choosing thewinners very, very shortly. Here’s the problem with traveling: I don’t have a knife. I didn’t check a bag so Icouldn’t travel with a knife. So this is knife-less un-boxing,hope that you understand. I hope that this is even in focus.

This could very well be inmanual focus for all I know. This could be the worstthing that I’ve ever done. No, that’s not true, cause’ I’ve posted a lotof crap on the Internet. If you guys aren’t alreadysubscribed to my channel please do so because I’m working on areally fun iPad Pro video. This is just the unboxing, but I really want totest out the capabilities for actual artists and creators because I don’t reallyuse this for illustration but I have a friend who does,so he is going to be creating a really cool illustration for you and showing you

guys howa real creative artist actually uses an iPad, other than me, who watches Netflix and workout videos and spills Doritos all over it (laughs). This thing looks so good,I saw it at the Apple store and it’s always so coolgoing into Apple stores because sometimes, a lot of you guys, you don’t really know whatto say when you see me there, or you don’t think it’s actually me so then you ask questions like, ‘hey so do you make Youtube videos?’, I’m like ‘yes,

I am,give me a freakin’ hug!’ Get a good look at this. (plastic tearing) You look great. So this is the one terabyte version, which is absolutely absurd. What am I gonna do witha one terabyte iPad? I’m asking myself the same question. It smells like a vanilla-spicedlatte with a hint of cinnamon, wow are you delicious! So there’s the camera and if you are completely new here and haven’t seen any videosabout the iPad Pro yet, this is the 12.9 inch model. This is the one terabyte

version, they also have one with cellular and wifi. I usually end up justdoing things off of wifi or tethering with my phone, so this is the wifi model, one terabyte of delicious,delicious storage. This features the new A12 X Bionic Chip. There’s no home button soit now does feature face ID. So this really is, kind of just like, a really massive iPhone and the screen looks so good! Quick start, so if an iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or later,bring it nearby, alright. Set me up, baby! The new Apple Pencil nowfeatures gesture controls so if you are an

illustrator or somebody who doesthose kinds of things, I think this will be super helpful because you can switchthrough brush strokes and different things andyou don’t actually have to go into menu settings or anything! You just, double tap. Okay let’s set this upto the hotel I’m in, this hotel is incredible, by the way, the lighting is not ideal for shooting but everything else is amazing. Give me my

complimentary wifi please. So it’s saying that it might take a few moments to activate my iPad. Don’t worry, I have allthe moments that you need so take your time. I don’t actually have that many moments because I’m hungry andI wanna go get dinner so don’t take too much time. Face ID, I’m setting up faceID on this massive tablet! How am I, this is so huge! I can’t even imagine what peoplenext door might think that is happening in here. I’m just unboxing an

iPad if someone can hear me, don’t be concerned. Okay, you set up my Apple ID, I’m going to show them something else, so I’m talking to myiPad like it’s a person. Are you surprised? What else do we have in the box? We’ve got, wowee! So, well I was trying toact surprised but I’m not really good at faking my emotion. These stickers I actuallysaw Jonathon un-box and he made note of howmassive these stickers are. They are much larger, I feel like, than the previous versions,

I don’t have any with me, to compare. So we’ve also got a USBC cable and, oh! Look at this. This looks like all of the charging bricks that come with all ofthe Google accessories, but this is an all new charging brick, I’ve never seen one ofthese from Apple before. It’s so dark in here, or I’m old, but I can’t read the voltage on it so, uh, shit, we into the retirement home. How am I supposed tocomfortably show you this? This is so ridiculous and I’m loving everyfreakin’ second of it!

Brightness is turned up. So I guess I should, Idon’t know what to do now. I should probably download Procreate. So let’s see what else we have. So this is their new keyboard. This is something that Iwould need my knife for. But I don’t have one. Do you know how many knivesI’ve had taken away from me at TSA? Probably like 14. I even had my tacticalknives taken, like come on, let me take that through. NEW 2018 iPad Pro Unboxing 129 in Space Gray 1TB

I’m not gonna do anything (sighs). So I ended up getting the Space Gray one. Everyone was joking, their like, well Justine, how are you going to survive without not having a gold iPad? I don’t know how I’m going to survive but I think I’ll be okay. Look at you, oh! Fancy, hello! Anything else in here? So it has a little magneticlittle docking station here, so that’s actually how it stays put and then it has twodifferent settings here. So there’s one. If it’s on your desk, and here is two, that is really in there. That’s good, that’s nice! And this second littlesetting, if its on your lap.

Well, I think I’m way more into this iPad than I thought I was gonna be. Oh, now I’m like hyped for my flight back. I’m just going to be sittingthere like can somebody please talk to me about my new iPad? Does anyone wanna talk about it? Cause’ it’s here, can we chat? Do you wanna be my friend? Here’s a little test. Can you see? Hello, I am typing (laughs). This feels nice, oh wow! I like it. It’s a nice feel. Yeah, I’m into that. That’s a nice type,that’s a very nice type. (typing) Gosh, maybe

I’ll respond to my emails now. It’s now onto the pencil. This is the Apple Pencil two, this features gesture control and you can now magneticallyattach it to your iPad. I don’t know if you guysremember, well (sighs), if you have an iPad andyou have an Apple Pencil and you charge it, there’s noway that you’ll ever forget how you had to freakin’charge that thing, like you would just jam it into thelightning cable at the bottom then you would have this

pencilsticking out of your iPad and it looked absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know what they werethinking, I honestly am not sure for whatever reason. It still worked and theApple Pencil is incredible and I think it’s such a cool device. We love the pencil,we’ve got some paperwork. Wouldn’t that be greatif they had little, mini stickers in here, I knowit would be a surprise, I’d be shocked. I also got one of these andI got my name engraved in it. I don’t know why, it said, ‘doyou want the free engraving’ and I said yes. Here we go. Oh, there’s still something on this.

(crinkling) Okay (laughs). Now, witness my friends. We even had, oh wow that was great. Look, look what it’s doin’! Look, it’s doing something! Apple Pencil, connect,yes I wanna to connect it! No way! I’m actually left-handed, so. Whatever. So I’m an artist, as you can see, this is what I like to call: mistakes were made. (laughing) So if you like, prints will be available, I’ll put a link in thedescrip- I’m just kidding.

I’m not actually, actually Iprobably should print this out because it is the bestthing I’ve ever seen. Mistakes were made. You probably can’t seeit, I can’t even see it. Is this video even recording(laughs), I don’t know! Let’s put that there. God this pencil (sighs),this iPad’s really beautiful. This is a USBC to SD cardreader, so because this is USBC, you now can use USBC dongles, so accessories, like this, and I’m also excited

about this. Why did it take Apple so longto make a USBC SD card reader? (scoffs) I don’t know! But it doesn’t matter, they have one now. So you can use this to transferfootage to your iPad pro. This is one of theThunderbolt three USBC cables so this will be able totransfer data much quicker and then what is this for? This is the USBC digitalAV Multi-Port Adapter. So this will allow you tohave an addition USBC port and HDMI and just a regular USB port, so this is actually quite nice and I’m kind of excited because I can use thesewith my MacBook

Pro, cause’ I will never sayno to a USBC dongle. (gasps) look at this! I freakin’ love technology. I love the future, where we are right now issuch an incredible time because I feel like we are on the verge of so many incredible things in the next, I was going to say thenext five-ten years, but even in the next year. Car tech, AR, VR, so many amazing things. If you guys stay subscribed to my channel you may get to see some of it. Oh I also went into the Lego store today. NEW 2018 iPad Pro Unboxing 129 in Space Gray 1TB

I bought myself a New York luggage tag, just this Lego New York, uh, body, cause’ I didn’t really need anything else, just thought I’d bring this back home, to put on my Lego mini figures. Don’t ask. So now with face ID on thebrand new iPad, the iPhone, that just leaves the MacBook and the iMacs to also start integrating face ID.

So that’s going to be pretty cool. It’s kind of interestingthat they haven’t really done that already, I meanit’s not that shocking because it probably wouldincrease the price of those machines, as is. I’m so excited to shoot mymore in-depth video with this. It’s gonna be really cool and I’m so excited to share with you from s

omeone else’s perspective, on what it’s like to use an iPad and also I want to do some AR demos, so there’s so many other things that I would love to do with this, so if you guys have any other suggestions on things that you might like to see, leave those in the comments below and I will see you very,very, very, very soon. Probably in like, a few days, cause’ I have to shoot and edit the video but if you happen to be watching Good Morning America tomorrow I’ll see you there! Bye! (calm, ambient music)

NEW 2018 iPad Pro Unboxing 129 in Space Gray 1TB

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