iPhone SE 2020 Unboxing Setup and In Depth First Look

iPhone SE 2020 Unboxing Setup and In Depth First Look

iPhone SE 2020 Unboxing Setup and In Depth First Look hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and this is the brand new 20/20 iPhone se in red white and black and so will unbox all of these and this is a replacement for the older iPhone SE which is basically an iPhone 5 or 5s body that they brought back as a less expensive phone and smaller phone for those that like a

little bit smaller size and amore affordable price so let’s go ahead and take a look at these now they comein at 399 and go all the way up to five hundred and forty nine dollars sothey’ve all been offered in 64 128 or 256 gigabyte variants so the red iPhonese that I have here is for 49 and 128 gigabytes whereas the others are 64gigabytes and are 399 so let’s go ahead and unbox them so the red one here let’sopen it

up we’ll take off the wrappers on each onefirst now let’s remove the box tops here andsee if there’s any differences I don’t suspect there will be now immediately onthe black one you can see some words popping out here in the top paper andinside we have a welcome to iPhone giving a little overview and then wehave a sim card removal tool as well as our Apple stickers that you would expectalso you’ve got a

little warranty card in there now the exact same thing is inthe middle so we’ll set that aside now in the product red variant we have alittle pamphlet here at the top that says product red and each time youpurchase a product red product a portion of that goes to fight HIV and AIDS or inthis case the current issue we’re facing now we’ve also got the exact same thingwith our sim ejector tool and our stickers so let’s set all

of this asideand take a look at the phones now if we pick up the phone take this out we’llset all of these aside for now you’ll see the exact same thing comes in eachone of them you don’t have any differences here but you do have youradapter for the wall here it’s just your 5 watt adapter now you could use afaster charger with it but this is what’s included and then you’ve also gotsome ear pods and these are the lightning adapter ear pods so you’ve gotthis you can of course use

wireless headphones with them as well and theninside you’ve got your USB to lightning adapter so you’ve got all of theseincluded and that’s exactly what we expect with any iPhone we purchased nownow each one of these is identical other than color so let’s take off the wrapperand then take a closer look at the overall design and specs now each one of these has the touch IDbutton on the front and it’s

got the familiar iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 or 6design to it and it’s a great design for many people in fact many people considerit their favorite design of iPhone of all time I personally liked a littlemore squared off edges of the iPhone se or 5, 5s, 4, that era and maybe we’ll seethat with iPhone 12 but the se looks like this so let’s go around the outsideedge and take a closer look at it now compared to previous generation iPhoneslike the iPhone 10 are they’ve moved the Apple logo to the

middle just like theiPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max and then put product at the bottom the red isalso a slightly more vibrant color as compared to the iPhone 10 are now on theright-hand side we’ve got our power sleep/wake button along with our SIMcard tray that will hold One SIM card but it does support dual SIM through esim so you’ve got that SIM card tray here you can see here like you wouldexpect then on the bottom we have our speakers along with our Lightning portnow we do not have a headphone jack on this and you wouldn’t expect that theiPhone 8 didn’t have that either on the left hand side we

have our volumebuttons and our silent switch and it’s just like any of the others you’ve seenand then of course on the back we have our camera microphone and then LED flashso it’s exactly what you would expect but it is glass front and back now let’stalk about the specs for a moment now internally this has the a13 Bionic chipthe same as the iPhone 1111 Pro and 11 pro max but it also has three gigabytesof RAM so it’s down a little bit from the pro but given the smaller size ofthe display it should be just fine on the front we have a 4.7 inch 1334 by

750at 326 pixels per inch display and yes that’s closer to 720p but this displaywith 326 pixels per inch should be fine for most thingsit also supports true tone and has wide color p-3 as well as haptic touch andgoes up to a brightness of 625 nits so it should be plenty bright for mostpeople now internally it has an 1821 milliamp hour battery which earlyreviews are saying it gives 4 to 5 hours of screen on time which is pretty goodfor a phone of this size it also supports faster charging andwireless charging and has an ip67 rating of one meter for up to

30 minutes thatdoes not mean the phone is waterproof just means it’s water-resistant on theback we have a reused camera system from the iPhone 8 but that used along withthe iPhone 11 a 13 Bionic chipset is apparently giving this better imagesthan we see on say the iPhone 10 our it should be better it also supportsportrait mode has digital zoom up to 5x can record in 4k 60 and the lens covershould be sapphire according to Apple now on the front we have a 7 megapixel F2.2 lens that records in 1080p 30 we’ll take a closer look at that a little bitlater and then internally we have Wi-Fi a b/g/n AC and a X or also known as

Wi-Fi 6 and it supports bluetooth 5.0 now let’s go ahead and turn on all thephones and we’ll wait for them to boot up and we’ll get them set up so we’llpress home to open I’ll select my language here we’ll select the regionand then we can bring a phone next to it to set it up more quickly now I haveother videos to show you exactly how to do that but it’s a pretty simple processlet me bring my phone in here it connects to them and I’m not sure whichone it’s going to go first it’s going to go up for the middle one first and allyou do is use the camera scan this little sort of QR type code and then itsyncs all the information over and

moves your account now it wants me to put inthe pass code from the previous phone so I’ll do that from the iPhone 11 Promaxand it says setting up phones so we’ll wait for this to finish here now I’llset up touch ID on the white iPhone se and then I’ll do it on all the others sowe’ll go ahead and set it up here and these are by far the best fingerprintsensors that I’ve used there’s few that are just as good and just as quick thatI’ve used we just our grip move our thumb around a

little bit more and we’regood to go and we can either transfer information from the old phone or go toother options and set it up as new which is which is what I want to do now I’veset up each one of these with my fingerprint and now we can restore appsand data or in this case I’m just not going to transfer anythingwe’ll go to the next step and then it’s asking me if I want to get the settingsfrom my other phone I’ll just hit continue and on this one it’s sayingwill I agree to the terms and conditions so I’m not sure if I did that before butwe’ll hit continue on all of these keep the phone up-to-date I’ll probablyswitch this back to

manually afterward and so let’s just set this all up we’llset up the Apple pay later in the wallet app I don’t want to share my audiorecordings I don’t mind sharing data with app developers although I sharedthe information on that one now this is where you can actually set up the hapticfeedback when you press the home button so I like it on on two one is a littlebit too light three might be good for some but it’s just how much the phoneshakes when you push the button so I’ll leave it on the default will it continueand then for those of you using a smaller display you can zoom it in I’lljust leave it set up as default and then it says welcome to iPhone and we’re inso now we’re at the home screen and

I don’t want to use this devices locationbut if we go into settings let’s take a look at what version we’re running hereyou can see this one’s running version thirteen point four and so there’s nowan update available for it with a software update that brings the bugfixes of iOS 13 point four point one so there’s a bunch of different issues itcan fix which is nice and it’s exactly what you would expect now one thing Idid want to try is run a couple benchmarks on it and check

out thecamera itself because those are some things that should be a little bitinteresting we have the rear-facing camera that will take portraits it willalso take 4k 60 video so we’ll check that out in just a second but let’s takea look at the Geekbench scores and just see what we get compared to say aniPhone 11 pro max now before I go into running the Geekbench you can see hereis the current version the update doesn’t really make much of a differenceas far as the processor speed and things like that so you can see we have twopoint eight eight gigabytes

or basically three gigabytes of RAM so let’s go aheadand run a CPU benchmark now the benchmarks just completed andit’s interesting to see the huge variance between all three of them sowe’ll go with the highest since these are probably busy doing something in thebackground but with the white iPhone se it scored 1326 for single core 3029 formulti-core so comparing that to the iPhone 11 pro max let me slide theseover here you’ll see we’ve got similar scores as far as the single core and alittle bit higher with the multi-core score and so you’ll see 3400 frommulti-core score on the iPhone 11 Pro Max and 1328 for the single

core soagain these are going to change a little bit but it doesn’t really affect theoverall usability and just to give you an idea of difference in screens you’llsee this is the iPhone 11 pro max it has true tone turned on and if you turn truetone off on all of them it will give you a little bit different look I’ll turnthem off on two of them to give you an idea of what it looks like and you cansee the difference between OLED and LCD now you’re not going to see much of adifference with overall usability so we’ll go home here on this one and we’llgo home on the 11pro max and the actual pixels are going to be very difficult tosee it should look pretty good in general I wouldn’t expect much of anissue there and let’s take a

look at some of the wallpapers because I know alot of you want to see the new ones from this and of course I’ll link them in thedescription so we’ll go home here we’ll go to wallpaper change new wallpaper andhere’s some stills and here are all the new ones so we have six differentvariants with light and dark themes and so let’s just go back we’ll match themfor each one of the phones so this is the white iPhone and on the box theyhave this blue theme so it’s setting wallpaper there and then again we’ll dothe same on the others now all the wallpapers are set with the default onesthat are on the box and one of the things you can notice maybe a little bitis this one has true tone turned on so if I turn it off the display may look alittle bit better maybe a little bit more vibrant and iPhone SE 2020 Unboxing Setup and In Depth First Look

I actually like to lookat these without true tone on sometimes it just depends what I’m doingso now let’s take a look at the cameras and so the forward facing camera on thisone let’s flip it around here like continue and you’ll see the forwardfacing camera looks pretty good let me go ahead and flip it over to video andyou’ll see it says HD 30 in the upper right so HD 30 we can’t change it herebut I think we can change it on the back end of the camera so now I’m recordingit with the iPhone se and so you can hear my voice through the microphones inthe iPhone se and in general the image looks okay but the forward facing camerais not as high quality is the rear facing camera so if we go back in hereflip it around we have the photo in portrait modes but we also have HD 30 inthe upper right we can tap on this and change it to 4k 60 and so let me go takea little bit of video and photo samples and let’s see what this actually lookslike now for those of you that reallyappreciate a small phone this is definitely small it looks really smallin my hands but everything is super fast so far just using it for the few minutesthat I have it feels very much like using an iPhone 11 but with a homebutton so it is kind of odd going back to touch ID but I really like touch IDand have no issues with it

whatsoever now there’s a couple other things I wantto take a look at but before we do that let’s take a look at a size comparisonso this is the iPhone se in my left hand is the iPhone 6s and so you’ll see thesize is identical it’s identical to an iPhone 8 the weight is about the sameand it’s exactly what you would expect with an upgraded inside with internalstorage that’s a little bit different and things like that so everythingshould be much better to use and much faster in general now as far as a quicksize comparison if you’re looking for the smallest phone that would be the SEand then we have the 11pro the 10 are the 11 and the 11 Promax this is all ofthe current lineup from Apple to give you a size comparison it’s very close insize to the iPhone 11 but a little bit thinner now as far as the overallusability well let’s go into YouTube and here is one of my Apple watch series forreview videos and if we take a look at the options we have for size we can goup to 1080p so even though this is closer to 720p it will scale on thescreen so you can get as many pixels as possible now with a smaller screen likethis it won’t make too much of a difference but the option is there youwill not have HDR though now let’s take a listen to the speaker’s quickly – andsee what they’re like since they should be stereo play and wait for it to playhere turn it all the way up so it’s prettygood in general nice and loud the display looks good just like you’dexpect and it goes nice and bright and so you can use this as a modern iPhoneif you just really like touch ID you’ll have that option and everything else isthe same of course you won’t have a headphone jack but again you do have theoption for wireless charging which is nice just like the iPhone 8 so if Iplace this here iPhone SE 2020 Unboxing Setup and In Depth First Look

it’s now charging so we’ll turn the display off you’ll see itsays 68% charged put it back on and it’s charging again so I really like thatoption it’s something I use all the time now the iPhone se I think is a greataddition to the iPhone lineup it’s giving you the top-of-the-line CPU forthe least amount of money possible at 399 up to 549 depending on the storagesize you pick and I think that’s a really great value proposition and it’sreally hard to beat compared to other phones out there at this price point nowthis is only the price Apple is selling them for so if you can iPhone SE 2020 Unboxing Setup and In Depth First Look

get them from your carrier may be free or a few hundred dollars off it makes it that much better and then you can have a phone without a phone payment or anything like that with the latest specs if you appreciate a smaller display or just want something that’s a little bit more sizeable for your hands or your pocket but let me know what you think in the comments below of course I’ll link all of these different wallpapers in the description as I normally do and if you haven’tsubscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give ita like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time iPhone SE 2020 Unboxing Setup and In Depth First Look

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