iPhone SE 2 Already in March 2020

iPhone SE 2 Already in March 2020

iPhone SE 2 Already in March 2020 Apple will release iPhone SE 2, despite the coronavirus epidemic! Last night, Apple issued a statement in which it warned investors that it would not be able to fulfill its quarterly earnings forecasts. This warning came second in two years. Apple said that although businesses

outsideof China were not affected by coronavirus, production quarantine and other factors willaffect global shipments, all the more the demand in China’s domestic market has alsodeclined. Apple presentations in March still seem tobe! What will Apple introduce in March? Does this mean that the March presentationwill not be? Not at all.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is preparinga cheaper iPhone SE 2, which will look like an iPhone 8 with an A13 chip inside, despitethe coronavirus and all the consequences associated with the epidemic. According to the publication, delays in productionwill not prevent Apple from making a presentation in March,

although the start date for salesof the iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) remains open. According to reporters, Apple is also preparinga new version of the iPad Pro with an advanced camera system. Other reports indicate that the iPad Pro linewill receive a new powerful processor and a system with three cameras, which is installedin the iPhone 11 Pro.

Bloomberg reports that the new iPad Pro wasscheduled to launch in the first half of 2020. However, the virus “may cause delays”in this graph. Experts said last week that problems at Apple’sfactories would not have a big impact on the iPhone 12, but perhaps some models will bein limited numbers when the flagship

iPhone series arrives in the fall. Since Apple paused sending engineers to China for a while, the prototype verification process for the iPhone 12 took too long. Apple supposedly had similar hurdles for other products, such as the new iPad Pro line. Ming-Chi Kuo previously stated that Apple intends to release three new products this year: a new “mat” for wireless charging, AirTag trackers similar to Tile trackers, and new over-ear headphones. Waiting for any of this?

iPhone SE 2 Already in March 2020

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