iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 Finally from Android to APPLE Diwali GIFT Mr FoB 2020

iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 Finally from Android to APPLE Diwali GIFT Mr FoB 2020

iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 Finally from Android to APPLE Diwali GIFT Mr FoB 2020 okay so let’s start the vlog okay so without an intro that’s not great   hi hello namaste i hope you people are doing really great and welcome to my channel Mr fob   actually from this vlog I’m planning to do every vlog in English so there are actually two main   reasons for that first one i can improve my communication skills and the second  

my target group is going to be really big okay so without wasting any time   let’s jump into today’s vlog and today’s vlog is all about let’s go together and watch it thank you so much for the response which i got from my previous vlog actually it was my first   ever unboxing video you people can find the link of the video in the description and coming to  

today’s vlog you will understand what is this vlog actually about by watching this video until end   recently i have conducted a survey in my instagram account about my unboxing video   and majority of my friends guessed it right it was lenovo ideapad due at chromebook   so there were actually some more friends who answered that iphone 11 red and iphone 12   and these were the people who

answered it as iphone 11 red i’m so sorry for that but the answer   was lenovo ideapad you had chromebook so now it’s time to think about it actually in 2018 my sister   gifted me one plus six on my birthday and from then i have been using it thank you so much akka   so now it’s time to get a new phone with my own bugs actually i want to change from   android to apple just because of my

macbook as you people know things turn out to ease when we have   same operating system i’m actually pretty confused whether to purchase iphone xr iphone 11 or iphone   12 and at the same time i should have a look at my budget too you have already subscribed my channel   then just double tap three times and you can continue watching the video and if you are   new to my channel then just have a look at my youtube channel i have many videos don’t   forget to check them out and before leaving don’t forget to subscribe and ring the notification bell   let’s knock out and choose the best from the available options coming to  

iphone xr it’s pretty old but it has similar features to iphone 11 except the bionic chip   and iphone 11 is available with three different storages 64gb 128gb and 256gb   just keeping bionic chip in mind i guess i can eliminate iphone xr and now we are left with   iphone 11 and iphone 12. according to my budget if i want i could only purchase iphone 12 with   64 gb and at the same time i can get an iphone 11 with 128gb up to my knowledge 64 gb for an iphone   it’s not at all recommendable so let’s go with iphone 11 128 gb and coming to the color i’m   pretty fine with white black and even red let’s go to the apple store and check it out  

we are almost pretty near to the apple store let’s see what’s gonna happen   i’m pretty excited as this is the first phone that i’m going to purchase with the money i have earned   yay as you people can in the building which is right in front of us is the apple store   which is in sildegazer cologne it just takes about 10 minutes walk from neuema tram station   and three to five minutes by cycle please don’t forget to subscribe mr fob channel   oh damn it’s looking like we have a queue and i guess it’s gonna take a lot of time   just because of covert everything has

changed it’s not even possible to enjoy the fresh air   when we are outside our face is packed with masks and our hands with sanitizers [ __ ] 2020 is   really playing 20 20 with all of us i’ll be back once when the work is done in the apple store are we heading back to room no not at all   because i want to take you all along with me to colon cathedral which is really famous and one   of

Germany’s most visited landmark attracting approximately 20 000 people a day yeah exactly   with 515 feet the colon cathedral is currently the tallest twin inspired church in the world and the   second tallest church in Europe after olm minster and the third tallest church in the world so please don’t forget to subscribe mr fob channel actually we are pretty close to   the cathedral I just want to give the best view of the cathedral so let me search for the right place   to park my cycle and capture the view we have a bench over there i guess it will be the

perfect place okay so get ready to see   the cologne cathedral in three two one so this is the colon cathedral it’s simply super bright   so yeah let me place my cycle near the bench and have a seat and enjoy the view actually, i ended up buying an iPhone in the apple store   I have even unwrapped the box and had a look at the iPhone so this is not going to be a perfect   unboxing let’s unzip and take the box out of the bag okay and yeah my iphone is hiding hey hey   hey hey so i purchased iphone 11 red 128 gb variant why did i go with red  

so according to me the glossy finish perfectly suits for iPhone 11 red rather than   black or white so at last iPhone 11 in my hands let’s have a look at the box the side is pretty simple with indicating iPhone 11 tattoo and red color we can even see the Apple   logo in red color and at the back of the box yeah we have specifications and features about the   iPhone as the box is already unwrapped let’s

open and see what else do we have apart from the iPhone   oh just have a look at the image on the box as i said the color is bright and glossy right   looks wise my rating for red color is 4.5 out of 5. damn it’s really looking good and classy   let me show the cathedral on the screen through reflection yeah and coming to the backside of the

iPhone it’s just overwhelming with fascination   let’s keep this aside and explore the box hmm we have a card indicating product read okay we have two apple stickers and we have a user manual oh   it looks like everything is in Deutsche and french but i need it in English okay so i couldn’t find any manual in English

okay so we even have sim tray pin   okay let me rearrange them in its original position thank god   we have an adapter for charging the iPhone if I’m not the wrong apple isn’t including the power adapter   and earphones from iPhone 12 series and it may iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 Finally from Android to APPLE Diwali GIFT Mr FoB 2020

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