Evolution of the iPhone 1 iPhone XI

Evolution of the iPhone 1 iPhone XI

Evolution of the iPhone 1 iPhone XI we’ll take a look at the many iterations of the iPhone a Phone that was revolutionary and which made Apple into one of the most valuable companies in the world The first iPhone was described as revolutionary and a game-changer for the mobile phone industry Its interface was a huge improvement over

blackberry palm and Windows Mobile It offered a 3.5 inch screen a 2 megapixel camera and impressive multi-touch features Implementing what they had learned from the first version Apple created a much more connected device with built-in GPS receiver location services and 3G connectivity It also featured double the storage in a cleaner design at half the price The 3GS saw a

huge speed boost over the previous model it included a 620 megahertz CPU and double the RAM this model introduced voice control video recording and a compass to help with directions a Fingerprint resistant coating was also introduced The iPhone 4 was Apple’s most refined version yet with a brand new app store laser-cut design and many new technologies this model introduced the super sharp

Retina display HD videorecording selfie camera HDR photography and FaceTime to improve phone conversations it included a microphone on top for noise cancellation a Gyroscope was also included to improve interaction with the phone The 4s didn’t see much change on the outside but saw lots of upgrades of its internals It was the first iPhone to sport a dual-core CPU 8 megapixel camera 1080p video

recording and fourteen point four megabits per second 3G download speeds With this model Apple surpassed Microsoft in terms of quarterly revenue The iPhone 5 was the first model to have a larger screen for inches versus 3.5 inches in previous generations It was also 20% thinner than the iPhone 4s and shipped with double the RAM and double the storage The iPhone 5s was all about increasing quality and efficiency It introduced touch ID, which was a more convenient way

of getting into the phone The main camera was improved with a 15% larger sensor a wider aperture and a new true tone flash The phone was launched with 13 LTE bands more than any other smartphone. This allowed users to access high-speed Internet in more countries The iPhone 5c released alongside the 5s was just a reskin

plastic version of the iPhone 5 The only difference was the extra heft because of its larger battery The iPhone six featured the largest screen and the thinnest body of any previous models The camera was greatly improved with optical image stabilization and 60 frames per second video recording Voice calls were also improved with voice over LTE which provided high quality audio Other tech that were

included with NFC for Apple pay and the barometer for altitude sensing In Combination with the new version of the OS the 6s introduced 3d touched live photos and hey, Siri The rest of the phone was upgraded except for its exterior Touch ID was upgraded to allow for faster login and the body was made more rigid to prevent bending like in the previous model The cameras were upgraded to 5 and 12

Megapixels allowing for 4k recording on the main camera and full HD on the selfie camera in terms of performance The RAM was doubled and the new try core CPU was introduced which was 70% faster and more power efficient Apple brought back the smaller 4-inch display in the iPhone. Se This was in response to the slower adoption rate of the iPhone 6 and 6s It featured the tech from the 6s in a Evolution of the iPhone 1 iPhone XI

smaller and more affordable package The only features it lacked were the HD selfie camera and 3d touch The iPhone 7 was the first model to get rid of the headphone jack which caused lots of criticism it was replaced with a dongle and new wireless technology to quickly pair ear pods and other devices a Solid state home button and water resistance was also introduced in this model Additionally the iPhone 7 plus

included dual cameras with optical zoom and bokeh effect IPhone 8 introduced wireless charging a six core CPU and an apple design GPU It looked similar to the iPhone 7 but with a glass body to allow for inductive wireless charging a Few features were upgraded such as louder speakers 60 frames per second. 4k video recording and full HD slow-motion recording The iPhone 10 was launched to

commemorate 10 years of iPhones It was Apple’s most expensive phone and was a complete departure from the standard iPhone design it replaced the home button with face ID and used that space for a larger display the display measured 5.8 inches with 458 pixels per inch It featured Dolby vision and HDR 10 for stunning high contrast video back Then it was reported to be the best smartphone

display on the market But it was greatly critiqued for its peculiar knots which included all the necessary senses and selfie camera The 10s looks just like the previous model but with many refinements Refinements such as ip68 water resistance faster face ID addition of a dual SIM option and implementation of the most durable glass ever The other improvements all dealt with performance and

efficiency Like the four core GPU which is twice as fast as the previous model and the for efficiency core CPU, which is 50% more efficient The 10r is a more affordable version of the 10s It comes with a larger but cheaper display less ram memory and only one main camera It also lacks 3d touch feels cheaper in the hand and has a

thicker body It is still a great value. If you want the latest tech it provides better battery life and comes in many colors The iPhone 11 will be upon us soon And as you can see, the cameras will be the main focus of this model. It will have a third camera

sporting a 120 degree field of view as well as a brighter flash upgraded image signal processor and an updated smart HDR system It will come with a frosted glass finish more advanced Siri and a larger battery Unfortunately 3d touch will be stripped out to make space for the larger battery It will also feature an updated face ID with wider angles and upgraded stereo speakers for louder audio

Evolution of the iPhone 1 iPhone XI

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