Apple Watch Series 6 Unboxing Setup and First Look

Apple Watch Series 6 Unboxing Setup and First Look

Apple Watch Series 6 Unboxing Setup and First Look Hi everyone Aaron here for Zollotech and this is the brand new apple watch series 6 in product red and this is available in blue silver and gold as well and goes from399 for the 40-millimeter band the 44 millimeter which is this one is429 and then it goes well over a thousand dollars if you get the Hermes version so it just depends which version you get but let’s go ahead and unbox it and take a look at

what’s new so this is theseries six product red like i said and this is thewi-fi model it doesn’t have cellular so let’s go ahead and open it up cellularwould have been more expensive so let’s open this up here and then we pull these tabsand it opens right up so this should be the box for the watchand this was my option for the strap this was the only one i could find ifound this at a local best buy and you’ll see it says product redinside so the packaging matches nicely and let’s take a

look at what we get nowthis year we don’t get a power adapter so let’s go ahead and open this up and inside is your normal documentationand you’ve got the product red documentation with it explainingthat a little bit if you want to read it you can justpause it here and then it just gives a little overviewand it has that new solo loop i wasn’t able to get my hands on thatnew band but maybe a little bit later now alsowe’ve got the charger and that’s about it so insideif we open this up here we’ve got the standard charger with ausb a so you can

plug this into any wall brickyou already have i know i have a ton of themthis may be a pain for some people but there’s plenty of those laying aroundand then here’s the watch i’ll set this aside and let’s take a look at the bandso this is your standard apple band but in product red so let’s see where’s theopening here there we go so we’ll open it up like that and this is just like i said a productred band so you have the larger or smaller strap that comes with it andthen the other piece as well so let’s take this take the wrapper off and let’s set the strap

aside so that wecan take a look at the watch now the watch is updated significantlyover well my series 4 apple watch that i have herenow let’s go ahead and slide this out here there we go i turned it on just bysliding this out we’ll take the longer strap slide it in the bottomshorter one here there we go and it’s booted upand it feels very light i’m used to the steel watch with a titanium band on itthis band is from nomad but let me take off the band so we cantake a look at the sensors on the bottom that are all newon the series 5 or the series 6 rather so

on the left i have the series 4and on the right is the series 5. you can see the sensors are a littledifferent and that’s because we now have blood oxygen monitoringnow apple says this is not a medical device so maybe that’s how you can useit pretty much around the world from what i understandbut it has all the other sensors in it as well now it has apple’s newdual core s6 system on a chip it’s their all-new apple silicon which is morepower efficient and allows for an always-on

displaythat’s double the brightness over the series five so that should be prettyinteresting it also has the u1 chipset inside nowfor wi-fi it has apple’s w3 wireless chip set insideand what that means is it can do five gigahertz wi-fino wi-fi six but it’s not really necessary in a watchso let’s go ahead and pair this so we’ll bring it next toour iphone and it says pair we’ll go ahead and hit continueand set up for myself or set up for a family member i’ll set it up for myselfand should take a second

there this is how we set it upand it immediately recognizes it now i can set it up as a new watch or restorefrom backup i’ll set it up as a new watchand then it’s asking which wrist do i want to put it on i’ll put it on my leftwrist and now it’s connecting to the applewatch it may take a moment now while we’re waiting for thisthis should be waterproof up to 50 meters so now that the watch isconnected i’ll hit agree and then it’s signing into my accountthat can take a moment now it’s saying shared settings apple watchshares settings with iphone location that’s fine we’ll hit okand now it’s saying bold text and size select the preferred reading

experienceso we want it bigger or smaller i think i’ll leave it right there you can turnon bold text as well and then we can create a passcode soi’ll create a passcode and you do that on the watch once we’vecreated a passcode it says on the phone keep your apple watch up to dateinstall manually or install updates manually or just hit continueyou can set up apple pay i’ll set it up later and then also emergency soswe’ll hit continue and then clock faces so it’s telling you you can change themof course we already know that and now it’s sayinginstall all available apps or choose later i’ll choose laterand then it will sync with the apple

watch and go over the basicsnow while we’re waiting for this we’ll go over the basics in a moment but youcan see this is a really nice red color it might be a little toobright for me but it’s pretty nice and you can see it is the wi-fi modelthe digital crown may look a little bit different if you have the cellular modelbut it’s wi-fi we have our normal power button heredigital crown microphone and then speakers on the other side so veryfamiliar very similar the case really hasn’tchanged other than the color now one issue i ran into when i waspairing my watch was

that after i had set it up bloodoxygen never showed up so if you’re on ios 14.2 betayou’ll need to be on ios 14 i found so i actually had toreset it and pair it with an iphone 11 proinstead of my pro max so let’s go ahead and continue and we’ll enable bloodoxygen so now the watch is set up it sayswelcome to apple watch and says you can adjust your settingsand so on so it comes pre-installed i think withwatch os seven so let’s take a look and as you can see down at the bottomit’s watch os seven pre-installed and before we get started one of thefirst things

i like to do is change the app view to a list viewmakes it a little bit easier i prefer that and thenyou can see down here we have all of our new settings such as hand washingand you can turn that on or off whatever you’d like so let’s go to the watchi’ll put it on my wrist and let’s take a look at that new o2 sensor sincethe watch itself is pretty familiar i did a watch os 7 video so if you want tosee everything new in that be sure to check that out and now we’re in thewatch so let’s go up to the top here blood oxygen and it sayshere are some tips that can help you take a good measurementit says make sure your watch is not too low on your wrist your watch should besnug but comfortable and then it says keepyour watch

facing up and try not to move resist or restingyour wrist on a table can help so we’ll hit doneso we’ll rest it on the table let’s go ahead and hit startand it’s counting down from 15 seconds so we’ll give it a minuteyou can see the animation we’ve got six seconds left and normally you just want to breathenormally and it says unsuccessful measurement so letme try it again so here we go what’s it say and it saysunsuccessful let me tighten the watch band and see if it makes a difference idon’t normally like my watch band too tightlet’s try it again so let’s see what it says and that time it said 98 blood oxygenlevel that’s actually pretty good so Apple Watch Series 6 Unboxing Setup and First Look

it says you can view blood oxygenmeasurements in the health app on iphone so it does have to be kind of tight thisis tighter than i like just slide it down i normally have it onthe second to last if i’m using this particularwatch band now initially i didn’t have the compass app becausecompass wasn’t installed on my iphone 11 pro it was sort ofnot used a lot so it wasn’t installed but now that it is let’s go to compassand under compass we’ll hit ok scroll down and it should give uscontinuous elevation so right now it says i’m at a 15incline as

i move my wrist it will change and thenadd bearing you can change it to whatever you want canceland as you can see here once it updates it should give me my elevationand it should track that continuously on this watch now this isn’t always ondisplay and as you can see it’s active right nowso if i drop my wrist down the watch face changesand it’s on but it’s always on so it’s sort of just staying like thisand of

course it will change as i raise my wrist and then it goes back to activeso it is definitely brighter when it’s always onjust sort of dimmed in the background it’s really nice that they’ve added thatand that’s really it for the new series six apple watchnot a whole lot new other than the always on altimeter and the

new chipsetinside of course there is that doublebrightness display but if you’re coming from a series 5 i’m not sure you’ll wantto upgrade just for the o2 sensor so that’s it for the series 6apple watch let me know what you think about it in the comments below and alsoif you’re picking one up and which version are you going to get

the regular version cellular and wi-fi titanium edition version or stainless steel let me know in the comments below I’d love to hear from you, of course, I’ll link this wallpaper in the description like i normally do and Apple Watch Series 6 Unboxing Setup and First Look

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