Apple iPhone 12 event in under 12 minutes

Apple iPhone 12 event in under 12 minutes

Apple iPhone 12 event in under 12 minutes Hello, and welcome back to Apple Park. I am so glad you could join us today. I’m excited to introduce the newest addition to the HomePod family. This is HomePod mini. – [Narrator] It’s wrapped in a beautiful seamless mesh fabric that not only looks great but was created specifically for its acoustic performance. On top of HomePod mini is a backlit touch surface that provides controls for

volume, play, pause, and even illuminates when you invoke Siri. – We created a full range dynamic driver that delivers high output while keeping distortion to a minimum. And developed a pair of high excursion, force canceling passive radiators that enable amazing base response. We also crafted an acoustic wave guide to deliver a consistent 360degree sound experience. We combined it with thepowerful Apple S5 chip and advanced software, which altogether enables

something wecall computational audio. Even before you hear the first note, HomePod mini is analyzing the unique characteristics of the music and applying complex tuning models to optimize loudness,adjust the dynamic range, and control the movement of the driver and passive radiators in real time. Multiple HomePod mini speakerscan play perfectly in sync across your entire house. And when you place two in the same room, they’ll intelligentlybecome a stereo pair. Using the U1 ultra wide band chip, which we introduced in iPhone last year,

HomePod mini can understandwith high precision when your iPhone is nearby. Bring your iPhone close to HomePod mini and you’ll get visual,audible, and haptic effects. ♪ In love, in love til it’s over ♪ So it feels like your devicesare physically connected as music flows from one to the other. In addition to Apple Music, you can listen to allyour favorite podcasts along with thousands of radio stations

from I Heart Radio, and TuneIn. And in the coming months,you’ll be able to use services from providers like Pandora and Amazon. And because HomePod minihas the power of Siri anyone in the home canask to play an artist, album, or track, que a playlist or even search for music by lyrics. – For multiple timers andalarms to weather reports to answering the randomquestions kids think up,

using Siri HomePod minican access the apps on your iPhone to send a message, check your calendar, make acall, even find your iPhone. – [Narrator] It comes inboth white and space gray, and I’m thrilled toannounce that HomePod mini will be available for just $99. And you can orderHomePod mini November 6th and it’ll start shippingthe week of November 16th. – We are very excited about

5G on iPhone, and we are going to introduce 5G across our entire lineupof new iPhone models today. Introducing iPhone 12. – It has smooth flat edgesallowing the aluminum frame and glass to stay flush front and back creating this unique uniform construction. iPhone 12 was designed with 5G in mind, including the position of all new antennas which go around the aluminum frame. The design looks amazing infive stunning new colors, black, white, product red,green, and a gorgeous blue. i

Phone 12 features the samegreat 6.1 inch display size as iPhone 11, yet wereduced the display borders to create a much smaller iPhone. The new oled display alsohas a higher resolution with twice as many pixels as iPhone 11. It now has 460 pixels per inch and peak brightness isnearly twice as high for HDR content, 1200 nits.

The cover glass on iPhone 11 is the toughest in the industry. And we call it Ceramic Shield. – Starting with hardware wedesigned custom 5g antennas and radio componentsthat allow us to target exactly what works best while also including the most5g bands in a single phone. When your iPhone doesn’t need 5G speeds it automatically uses LTE to save battery. In the US we also support millimeter wave. – We have a new chipdeveloped by our world-class Silicon team, A14 bionic,the fastest chip ever in a smartphone. – A14 bionic is the firstsmartphone

chip in the world built on the latest fivenanometer process technology. Our Silicon engineering team has packed 11.8 billiontransistors into A14 bionic. The new six core CPU inA14 is the fastest CPU in any smartphone. A14 also features ourlatest four core GPU design driving increased imagequality and overall efficiency. We’ve dramaticallyincreased the performance of our neural engine bygrowing from eight to 16 cores.

And we’ve also increased the performance of our CPUs dedicated MLaccelerators, now 70% faster. – A14 bionic alsocombines with our cameras and powerful software to deliver the new dual camera system of iPhone 12. It has the ultra widecamera that people love and use to take inspiringphotos in creative ways. iPhone 12 also has a new widecamera with an F1.6 aperture, our fastest yet. Along with the wideraperture,

we developed our first seven element lensto maintain sharp detail in your photo from edge to edge. Our smart HDR3 continues tobring out details in faces like you see here when thesun is so bright behind her. Now it understands sceneswith machine learning and applies more adjustmentsto distinct parts of the photo. Night mode on iPhone 12 gets even better. The faster aperture captures more light. And now

we are expandingnight mode to all cameras of iPhone 12 for the firsttime on the ultra wide and front true depth camera, which is perfect for night mode selfies. For video, iPhone continuesto lead the industry with the highest quality video. We’re adding night mode time lapse with longer exposure and brighterframes when using a tripod – MagSafe is an advanced new system. It starts by improving thewireless charging experience. Our wound wire coil, whichis unique in the industry,

now accommodates magnetsand maintains compatibility with existing Qi chargers. And we improved our shieldingdesign to safely provide up to 15 Watts for faster charging. We also added two new sensors, a single turn coil NFC, anda sensitive magnetometer which senses magnetic field strength and can instantly react to it. This enables iPhone 12to recognize and provide a better experience for accessories. Any MagSafe accessory can simply snap onto the back of iPhone.

This is really great. We’re enabling a wholenew ecosystem for MagSafe. We also developed thenew MagSafe duo charger for your iPhone and Apple watch. And it folds up easilyfor when you travel. – Now, every iPhone willinclude the more advanced and higher power USBC to lightening cable. This is iPhone 12 mini. With it’s amazing size, itfits in the Palm of your hand while still keeping the expansive edge to edge super retina XDR display. It’s smaller and lighterthan

our 4.7 inch models like iPhone 8 but with alarger 5.4 inch display that lets you see so much more. With its compact size, the iPhone 12 mini has the exact same features as iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 lineupwill start at just 699 for iPhone 12 mini and 799 for iPhone 12. – [Narrator] This is iPhone 12 Pro. It takes our new design evenfurther with premium materials. This includes a durable and beautiful surgical grade stainless steel band and precision milled back glass.

They come in four new finishes including an elegant silver,a rich deep graphite, a stunning gold, and anall new Pacific blue. The pro models also featureour incredibly durable Ceramic Shield and thesemodels have best in class water and dust resistancewith an IP68 rating so they can withstandsubmersion at up to six meters for 30 minutes. iPhone 12 pro featuresour industry leading super retina XDR displays. We were able to go from today’s 5.8 inch to a much larger 6.1 inch display. And iPhone 12 Pro Maxincreases from today’s 6.5 inch to a more expansive 6.7-inch display.

So for people who want our biggest displays, this is the largest display ever in an iPhone with our highest resolution. With A14 bionic we are able to bring deep fusion to all four cameras of iPhone 12 Pro including the front facing true depth camera. iPhone 12 Pro features our amazing ultra-wide camera with the 120-degree field of view and our new wide camera with faster F 1.6 aperture and a seven-element Apple iPhone 12 event in under 12 minutes

lens thatlets in 27% more light. iPhone 12 Pro also features a52 millimeter telephoto camera for stunning portraits. – With the new telephoto,you can now optically zoom in two and a half timesfor even closer shots. On top of that, we developeda completely new system for optical imagestabilization that adopts a high end DSLR approachcalled sensor shift. – So we’d like to show you a sneak peek of a new feature that combines the control of shooting in raw with the power of

our computational photography. And that’s Apple ProRAW. This will be an incredible feature for pro’s and will be available on the iPhone camera app on iPhone 12 Pro and 12Pro Max later this year. We’re also creating an API for third-party apps to capture images in Apple ProRAW. – For the first time we’re bringing HDR video recording to iPhone. You can now record in a 10bit high dynamic range. iPhone 12 Pro is the first camera to record in Dolby Vision HDR. And we can do this at 4K Apple iPhone 12 event in under 12 minutes

resolution and 60 frames per second. – We’ve pushed the industrywith depth technology over the years and todaywe continue that innovation with a LiDAR scanner. We’ve adopted this technology for iPhone. It enables object and room scanning, photo and video effects,and precise placement of AR objects. With LiDARs ability to see in the dark we use it for auto focusin low light scenes. – We are keeping theprice the same as today. With iPhone 12 Pro starting at 999. And we’re

doubling the starting capacity to 128 gigabytes. And iPhone 12 Pro Max with our best cameras ever in 1099. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will be available for preorder this Friday, October 16thand available next week on October 23rd. iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini will be available for preorder starting on Apple iPhone 12 event in under 12 minutes

Friday, November 6th and they will begin shipping the following week on November 13th. So this is our new iPhone lineup. – Thank you for joining us. Stay safe and have a great day. – But to add to all these big announcements we also wanted to do something a little different, (intense music) something only Apple would do.

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