BEST iOS 13 LAUNCHER FOR ANDROID INSTALL iOS 13 ON ANDROID Hey, What’s up guys welcome to my channel I’m Gulshan back again with an interesting video So, in today’s video, I’m gonna talk about how you can give iOS look to your android device whether it’s icons, wallpapers or its buttery smooth animations. So watch this video till the end. Let’s get started. So guys the app we will use to give the look of iOS 13, is a launcher.

That is iOS 13 Launcher So first we need to download it from Play store. As you can see , I have this Redmi Note 8. I’m gonna install ios launcher in it. So firstly, go to the play store  and search “ios 13”. You will get it  on first place. Just simply click on it and install it on your phone After installation, simply open it. Then from left drawer, click on Reload or from the phone’s settings just change your default launcher. So after applying the launcher, you can see that the icons are now changed and as well many new changes you will notice like this feed on the left And…. some of the icons are not changed, so I need to change them

manually So Just go to the settings of this app, Tap on change icon menu and simply change the unchanged icons manually. Like this download icon, i’m gonna change it. Change the music icon also… Similarly, you can change the rest of the icons according to your wish. You can even change the name of an icon Finally, our icons look like ios icons. Now we need to change the wallpaper because it is also equally important. so let’s change the wallpaper So simply go to the wallpapers and all ios wallpapers are loaded. Now as you see, there are many gorgeous online ios wallpapers here. I will choose this new iphone 11’s wallpaper So as you see it looks very beautiful now And one more setting I forgot to tell you is to Remove the soft navigation keys on the bottom. I’m gonna replace these with full screen gestures like in iPhones.

For gestures, Just go to additional settings and then select your gestures. now, the navigation keys are removed so there is no problem at all while using these gestures. You will get used to with them easily. Now talking about animations, ios is known for its best buttery smooth animations so in this launcher we get the similar ios animations. As you see while locking this phone, and as I unlock this phone, you will see the exact ios unlocking animation. And also when i open an app and go to the home screen I get the same iPhone like animations. Just look at it again… Also you get the apple 3d touch option as you can see while tapping on these apps.

Now talking about how to get the control center so for that you have to set it up Just go to the settings, tap on the control center now for this, you have install separate control center app It will automatically redirect you to the play store. So just install it from there. so now open control center app and enable this green key on the top now your control center is ready. there are so many options to change the size, color and position I have put it into the bottom as you see there is a green bar in the bottom so you can hide it also by dragging the color bar Now I’m gonna tell you how to use it you can also change the background, I chose the current wallpaper.

and also you can choose the music player for music control I have chosen my Mi Music app. Now, we are into the home screen and simply swipe the bottom edge to the right. and the control center will pop up you can change the brightness, music…etc and rest all the useful options are there So the overall performance of this launcher is, quite smooth and responsive. It is very smooth and animations are amazing. So I highly suggest you to try this launcher and tell me your experience about it. So guys Finally, Your android smartphone  turned into An iPhone… LOL 🙂 So if you found )


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